Are Shirley Temple Dolls Worth A Small Fortune?

Shirley Temple, America's original childhood sweetheart, is tenderly remembered as the precious little girl with bouncy locks of golden curls who sang silly songs that warmed the souls of the world. The "Bright Eyes" star became a symbol of hope and unwavering joy while the nation was in the throes of The Great Depression, and she is enshrined in the annals of entertainment history as one of the modern world's most prolific icons (per Biography).

For the purpose of homage and commemoration, factories started manufacturing Shirley Temple dolls that mimicked the star's delicate features in response to her widespread popularity. The original company to do so, Ideal, went out of business in the 1970's, but varied production of the dolls continued as years passed and demand for them remained steady (per The Spruce Crafts). On that note, if you happen to have one lying around, you might want to get it appraised, because it could be worth more than you think. 

How much are the dolls worth?

Depending on the condition of the doll, you could be looking at up to $2,000 dollars in extra pocket change if you talk to the right collector. The 1930's Ideal version that's been preserved in its original packaging averages between $1,000 and 2,000 dollars, while one of the later models produced in 1957 would go for around $100 dollars. In 1982, companies re-released a nostalgia version made from vinyl that only goes for $25 or less, so you might not want to waste your time putting it up on eBay (via The Spruce Crafts).

Danbury Mint made dolls from porcelain — a material that's much more valuable than vinyl — that were released in the 1990's. The range is wide, but one could earn you anywhere from $10 to $150 (per The Spruce Crafts), and if your grandmother happens to have more than a few lying around from various eras, you very well could be looking at a small fortune.