Pam And Tommy: The Truth About Tommy Lee And John Stamos

Hulu's "Pam & Tommy" is a dramatized miniseries about the late-`90s sex tape scandal that rocked the lives of then-married Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and the actress and Playboy model, Pamela Anderson. As copies of the infamous video spread in episode four of the show, Lee and Anderson (played by Sebastian Stan and Lily James, respectively) rack their brains with a private investigator to determine who might have betrayed them by leaking the footage. It's at this point that Lee is seen listing off names of celebrities with whom he might have an issue, one of which is the actor John Stamos, according to Parade magazine. 

Did the rock musician, though, really have beef with the star of "Full House?" It's hard to know for sure what the real-life Lee thinks about John Stamos (pictured above.) The notorious couple in question do share a connection with the TV sitcom star, and John Stamos is also a drummer. This all might explain why Stamos shows up in a list of celebrities with whom Tommy Lee might be feuding.

Stamos did a favor for Anderson's ex

Interestingly, John Stamos' connection to the saga of "Pam & Tommy" is actually through Pamela Anderson and not Tommy Lee. Prior to Lee, Anderson was romantically linked to a number of other celebrities, including Bret Michaels from the band Poison (pictured above). According to E! News, Pam Anderson's mom's favorite band is The Beach Boys. To impress his then girlfriend's mother, Michaels called in a favor from Stamos, who occasionally played drums with the band (via Rolling Stone.) According to Parade, what Michaels arranged was for Anderson's mom to be able to stand in the wings at a Beach Boys' concert, which is exactly what happened. Pam Anderson's mother even got to sing with the band. Pretty impressive, but Anderson's mom remained unimpressed by her daughter's choice for a boyfriend. 

As Michaels later recalled, Anderson said, "My mom really doesn't like you very much." Her daughter, it seemed, had never dated a rock musician like Michaels or Lee. Little did she know at that time what lay in store for her daughter. With no definitive proof that Lee and Stamos were feuding, and despite the fact that Poison and Mötley Crüe did spar, there is plenty of evidence that Lee could be jealous of the actor and drummer who went to such efforts to impress Pam Anderson's mom, especially for someone from a band with whom Lee's band, Mötley Crüe, were rivals.