Here's Who Inherited Lauren Bacall's Money After She Died

You may know her from the 1944 film To Have Or Have Not, or from any of the 40-plus other films she starred in, like The Big Sleep, Key Largo, or How To Marry a Millionaire. Or you may know her for her marriage with Humphrey Bogart, the famous movie star. However you know her, it's clear Lauren Bacall was, and still is, a beloved Hollywood icon. One of the most accomplished actresses from Hollywood's Golden Era, Bacall had a storied career in both film and the theater, winning Tony Awards in both 1970 and 1981 and snatching up a National Book Award in 1980 for her first autobiography, dubbed "Lauren Bacall: By Myself" (via The New York Times). But Bacall didn't take her accomplishments and retire early. Instead, she kept acting right up until her death in 2014, according to The Independent.

So perhaps it's no surprise that, when Bacall died in 2014, she left behind a hefty fortune: $26.6 million dollars, according to Page Six. Not chump change! Like most people, Bacall left most of her estate to her children, including the properties she owned and other valuable assets, like artwork. But Bacall also left some of her money to less traditional inheritors.

Bacall's gift to her pup

The very first item in Bacall's will was a gift for her dog. Bacall wanted to make sure her dog was well-taken care of after she was gone, so she directed her son, Sam Prideaux Robards, to care for her cherished pet. To compensate him for any costs incurred, she directed $10,000 of her estate specifically for puppy care, according to Page Six. Sophie, a papillon, was well-loved by Bacall, who reportedly walked her regularly near her New York apartment. She had even brought Sophie to some red carpet occasions in the past, according to Yahoo! Sports.

But lest you think Bacall frivolous, she also left generous gifts to others in her life, including her grandsons, who each received a cool quarter of a million dollars to be used for college tuition. She also left sizable sums of $15,000 to $20,000 to some of the women who worked for her, including Isla Hernandez, who was Bacall's maid for 14 years. Of the gift, Hernandez said, "It's wonderful. I never thought she would do something for me."