What Happened To Humphrey Bogart And Lauren Bacall's Children?

Old Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart was one of the most famous entertainers of his time. Born in New York City on Christmas Day in 1899, he was the oldest of three children born to Belmont DeForest Bogart and Maude Humphrey, per his estate website. He began his acting career in theater, which helped him land on Broadway by the 1920s, says Biography. His talents on the stage eventually led him to the big screen. However, fame didn't come to Bogart until the 1940s, when he starred in notable films such as "The Maltese Falcon" and "Casablanca." Those two movies kicked off his thriving Hollywood career.

During his time from theater to Hollywood, Bogart would marry several times. His first marriage was to theater actress Helen Menken, but it was extremely violent and short, says Dame Town.

He married again in 1928 to Mary Philips (via The New York Times) and that marriage lasted close to a decade before it ended. In 1938, both Philips and Bogart remarried, the latter to theater actress Mayo Methot (per Biography). His marriage to Methot turned out to be violent, and Bogart was a victim of domestic violence because he was allegedly stabbed by Methot in 1942.

Humphrey Bogart meets Lauren Bacall

It was during this third and turbulent marriage to Methot that Humphrey Bogart would meet actress Lauren Bacall. Even though the marriage was apparently a failure, Bogart stayed committed to it because he felt it was his duty to. When the couple officially separated and divorced, Bogart would go into his last and final nuptial with Bacall. The two married in 1945, per Biography.

Despite a 25-year gap between them — Bacall was 20 and Bogart, 45 — the two apparently had a very strong connection. They would have two children together: a son named Stephen, born in 1949, and daughter Leslie, born in 1952. Sadly, in just a few years, tragedy would strike the family. Bogart died in 1957 of cancer at the age of 57 (via The New York Times), leaving behind Bacall to raise their then 8-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter as a widow.

Stephen Bogart today

The Bogart children would spend most of their childhood with Bacall as their sole parent. Today, Stephen Bogart is 72 years old. Growing up, the young Bogart apparently didn't want people to know that he was the son of the famous actor and spent years denying his relation to Humphrey Bogart, despite practically being his father's twin, says Palm Beach Post. He avoided making friends in the entertainment business and avoided sharing his true name with people unless necessary. Like his father, Stephen Bogart was married several times. His first two marriages gave him his three children. He is currently married to his third wife, Carla Soviero (via The New York Times). The wedding happened a few months after Bacall's death in 2014, reported CNN.

Bogart kept a low profile most of his life until his mother allowed him and his sister the rights to their father's name. After that permission, Bogart wrote a book titled, "Bogart: In Search of My Father," in which he discussed never feeling like his father was actually a "father," per Baltimore Sun. He also began making television appearances, per IMDb. Bogart has been working as a producer for various networks and news stations since 1982 (via The New York Times).

He is apparently a grandfather as well, per Best Life Online.

Leslie Bogart today

Leslie Bogart (pictured left, in 1997) was merely a toddler when her father died. Unlike her brother, she likely has even less memories of Humphrey Bogart. Both of the Bogart and Bacall children lead quiet lives, and between the two of them, Leslie has an even quieter one. She never pursued a career in entertainment, and made just one uncredited appearance in a documentary about her father. Her brother narrated the 1996 film, titled "Bogart: The Untold Story" (via IMDb).

Leslie is a nurse and yoga teacher, per American Viniyoga Institute. According to her profile, Leslie began a career as a registered nurse, but has been working in wellness and yoga since the late '80s. She is also married to husband and fellow yogi, Erich Schiffman, per a Google search. As of this year, she teaches yoga in Santa Monica, California (via Yoga Anytime).

A year after her mother's death, Leslie wrote a brief article in Harper's Bazaar about her mother's love for jewelry. According to the 2015 article, some of Bacall's jewelry was to be auctioned off.

The family made one of their rare public appearances in 1997, during an unveiling of a postage stamp honoring Humphrey Bogart, reported the Los Angeles Times.