The Truth About This Stunning Underground Theme Park

Generally, when we think of theme parks, we normally imagine something like Disneyland, with roller coasters, games, food, and people everywhere. We wouldn't necessarily picture something underground. However, in Turda, Romania, they do things a little differently. According to Business Insider, not only does this place have a complete theme park underground, it's located in an immensely large salt mine that has its own storied history.

Salt has been a prized and influential mineral for every society dating back to ancient times. According to How Stuff Works, there are a few ways to produce salt, and one of them is deep shaft mining. Like the name implies, deep shaft mining involves digging down below the earth's surface, and finding salt deposits in old "underground seabeds". This particular mining process leaves behind giant rooms and caverns, like the one in Turda. There are a handful of salt mines in Romania, but only one has been repurposed in one of the coolest ways possible.

Abandoned salt mine turned entertainment experience

Before it was home to a modern amusement park, the Salina Turda salt mine was in use for centuries until it was closed in 1932, according to Business Insider. The massive cavern became useful again during WWII as a bomb shelter, but in modern times it has been turned into a super cool tourist attraction.

According to Atlas Obscura, there are tons of attractions in this theme park, and it appears there is a little something for everyone. The space contains an amphitheater and an underground lake that you can check out via rowboat. There are also plenty of options for the sport and game lovers out there, as there are pool tables, table tennis, a bowling alley, and an entire sports field! While there are tons of things for folks to do that are extremely active, they still manage to cater to those who prefer a more chill experience. You can check out their beautiful Ferris wheel or check in to their spa for a little rest and relaxation.