Is This Why Kat Von D And Oliver Peck Got Divorced?

Katherine Von Drachenberg, also known as Kat Von D, is a world-renowned tattoo artist, author, and former owner of the makeup line Kat Von D Beauty. She made her name with "LA Ink," a reality show focused on Von D's tattoo shop that first aired in 2007, and later starred in two seasons of "Miami Ink" (via IMDb). She was married to tattoo artist and reality TV star Oliver Peck for a few years, but the union didn't end well. 

Peck is the former host of "Ink Master," according to Idol Persona. He is currently the owner of Elm Street Tattoo, the Heart in Hand gallery, and a vegan coffee shop called Tiki Loco, both in Dallas, Texas, according to Paper City Mag. When he and Von D first met, they worked together on "Miami Ink." 

Von D and Peck married in 2003 and divorced in 2007 citing irreconcilable differences according to Radar Online. Peck represented himself in the split, and Von D's attorneys made sure that Peck received no financial awards from her. The two kept their own properties and individual bank accounts and went their separate ways. 

The true cause of the divorce

Oliver Peck revealed a vague reason for their 2007 split to In Touch during an exclusive interview, insinuating that it was Von D's choice to leave the marriage even though he accuses her of cheating on him. He said, "She's done nothing but screw over every friend she's had. She cheated on me, got messed up, and left me." 

In 2010, Von D hooked up with motorcycle entrepreneur Jesse James, reports E Online. James was previously married to actress Sandra Bullock but the pair divorced in 2010. Von D confirmed her and James' relationship in August 2010 with a now-deleted tweet, stating, "I think it's pretty obvious that we're dating."

Peck, who seemed to have negative residual feelings about his ex-wife said in the In Touch interview, "Who knows if the relationship is just a publicity scam — she'll do anything to stay in the limelight ... I don't think anything with her will last."

USA Today reports that Von D is now married to author and musician, Rafael Reyes, who also goes by Leafar Seyer. Peck has dated people since his divorce and has not remarried (via Idol Persona).