Who Are Dick Van Dyke's Kids?

Although at this point it feels like Dick Van Dyke, born in 1925 and pushing 100 years old, has been around as long as Hollywood and the motion picture industry itself, he was actually once a young man (via Britannica). And along with that youthful period in the life of the charismatic entertainer came his first marriage, to Margie Willett in 1948, with whom he had four children. Van Dyke and Margie eventually divorced in 1984 after a rocky relationship. (The star is currently married to Arlene Silver.)

From forays into acting to unexpected careers far from Hollywood, each one of Van Dyke's kids have followed in their father's footsteps without ever quite reaching their dad's level of fame and success. Still others have forged their own paths all on their own (via Mirror). You may have even seen a few children of the Emmy award-winning star of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" in films or TV shows without even knowing it (per IMDb).

Christian Van Dyke

Bearing a striking resemblance to his dad, Christian Van Dyke is Dick Van Dyke and Margie Willett's eldest son, born shortly after the couple got married in 1950 (per IMDb). Christian's mom, Margie, died from pancreatic cancer in 2008, as Mirror reports. Although Dick Van Dyke is known to be a devoted father, Christian's home life was troubled early on, with both his parents managing addiction issues (via Mirror). Nevertheless, Christian tried his hand at acting, but ended up with a career far from Hollywood.

Per IMDb, Dick Van Dyke's oldest son has been married twice, with one child from his second marriage. Essentially a child star in the 1960s, Christian appeared in "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and "Hollywood goes to a World Premiere," as well as the TV show "The Talented Neighborhood," according to Glamour Path. Christian Van Dyke's on-screen career was not nearly as long as his dad's, and these days he lives in Oregon, a former district attorney and marketing director for Nike. Sadly, Christian Van Dyke's only daughter, Jessica Lee Van Dyke, died when she was just 13 years old (via Glamour Path).

Barry Van Dyke

Barry Van Dyke, pictured above with his dad, is Dick Van Dyke's second son, born in 1951. He also followed in his dad's footsteps as an actor, appearing in a number of well-known movies and TV shows, such as "Diagnosis: Murder," alongside his father, on the air from 1991 to 2003 (via IMDb). Like Christian, Barry got his start as a kid in the "The New Dick Van Dyke Show." Later on he appeared in "Wonder Woman," "The Harvey Korman Show," and "Airwolf," among others.

Barry is reportedly close with his dad and turns to him for acting advice (via The Famous People). Also like his father, Barry Van Dyke had four children with his only wife, Mary Carey Van Dyke, who died in 2017 (per Famous People). Barry Van Dyke turned out a bit more adventurous than his dad, with interests in motorcycles and surfing. He once rescued a drowning person from the ocean. He's also a grandfather to Ava Van Dyke, Dick Van Dyke's great-granddaughter.

Carrie Beth and Stacy Van Dyke

Like her two brothers, Dick Van Dyke's third child and first of two daughters, Carrie Beth Van Dyke, born in 1961, dipped her toe in the acting business with two episodes of "The New Dick Van Dyke Show" in the early 1970s (via IMDb). Since then, though, Carrie Beth has largely retreated from the public eye, although she did marry Kevin McNally, who himself is an actor, according to IMDb.

Otherwise, Carrie Beth has two children with McNally, and maintains no social media presence, per Glamour Path. Little is otherwise known about Dick Van Dyke's older daughter. For her part, Dick Van Dyke's fourth child and second daughter, Stacy Van Dyke, also has acting experience, appearing in — you guessed it — "The New Dick Van Dyke Show," but also "Diagnosis Murder," according to IMDb. (Dick Van Dyke, it seems, likes to keep his TV projects a family affair). Like her sister Carrie Beth, Stacy Van Dyke has largely pulled back from the spotlight.

What about grandkids?

According to IMDb, Dick Van Dyke has seven grandchildren. Sadly, one of his granddaughters, Jessica — Christian's daughter — died from Reye's Syndrome in 1987, a rare disorder related to aspirin and viral infections affecting the liver and brain (via AP). At least four of Dick Van Dyke's surviving grandkids — Taryn, Wes, Shane, and Carey Van Dyke, Barry's kids — also acted or worked in Hollywood (via Distractify).

For her part, Dick Van Dyke's granddaughter Taryn Van Dyke appeared in "Diagnosis Murder" and "Murder 101," per her IMDb page, but has since then largely kept to herself. Wes Van Dyke is a painter and also an actor in projects like "Murder 101" and "Titanic II," among others (per Distractify). (Wes Van Dyke is pictured above left, via Instagram). Carey Van Dyke has acted a bit more than his siblings in film and TV projects such as "ER," and "6 Guns," while Shane Van Dyke is perhaps the most prolific of all Dick Van Dyke's grandkids, known for work in "Transformers: Fall of Man" and "Arizona Summer," among others.