What We Know About The Eerie Unsolved Murder Of Missy Bevers

This article contains content related to a violent homicide, as well as sexual assault and child abuse.

At approximately 4:00 a.m. on April 18, 2016, 45-year-old Terri "Missy" Bevers arrived at the Creekside Church of Christ in Midlothian, Texas. As True Crime Edition reported in 2022, Bevers was preparing one of the church's classrooms for an early morning gladiator boot camp class, which she taught to members of the community. When her students arrived, just one hour later, they made an alarming discovery.

The students found Bevers unresponsive, and she appeared to have been physically assaulted. In addition to blunt force trauma to the head, Bevers had multiple wounds in her chest. Bevers' students called 911, and paramedics rushed to the scene. However, it was simply too late. Bevers was pronounced dead at the scene.

As the Dallas Observer and other outlets would later note, it was clear to authorities that Bevers had been murdered, though at first, they were unsure who killed her or what the motive could have been. Authorities initially suspected Bevers was killed during an attempted robbery, but church administrators confirmed nothing was missing from the premises. It was also determined that none of Bevers' belongings, including her wedding ring, was stolen.

A later search of the building revealed several windows were broken. According to True Crime Edition, authorities believe the suspect entered the building through a back door, which had signs of forced entry. Law enforcement officials were further assisted by security footage, which captured images of the assailant inside the church at the time Bevers was killed.

Missy Bevers' killer was wearing police tactical gear

The person, who was wearing what appeared to be full police tactical gear and had their face covered (pictured above), stumped authorities. Officials also weren't able to determine their gender. However, per the Dallas Observer, they were able to parse key details: the possible assailant's range of height, clocking it between 5'2" and 5'7", and the person's unique gait. Per the Observer, the unknown subject walked with a pronounced limp with their feet pointing outward. But their most chilling observation was this: The unknown subject was seen in the footage carrying what was likely a hammer. As True Crime Edition noted in 2022, the Midlothian Police Department released surveillance footage soon into the investigation in the hopes that someone would recognize the assailant. 

Later on, law enforcement also discovered surveillance footage of a vehicle believed to be connected to Missy Bevers' murder. In the hours before she was killed, a person was recorded slowly driving through a nearby parking lot. CBS News reported in 2021 that the vehicle, which is believed to be a 2010-2012 Nissan Altima or Infiniti G37, stopped to park before eventually leaving. Per True Crime Edition, authorities also received tips that a dark-colored SUV was seen leaving the church parking lot at approximately 4:30 a.m. Unfortunately, the owner of the car did not come forward after the video's release.

Missy Bevers' husband was cleared as a suspect

During the investigation, True Crime Edition reported in 2022 that detectives questioned Missy Bevers' husband, Brandon Bevers. Although he had an alibi, authorities hoped he could offer possible insight into the homicide. During his interview with police, Brandon said he couldn't think of anyone who would have wanted to harm his wife. He also told detectives that he and Missy had a happy marriage — though the story wasn't as simple as that. Further investigation revealed Brandon and Missy were having financial and personal problems, including infidelity. Despite this, Brandon was ruled out as a suspect.

Per True Crime Edition, authorities were also suspicious of Brandon's father, Randy. In the weeks following the murder, Randy took a blood-soaked shirt to a local dry cleaner, though he insisted the blood was from breaking up a dog fight. Nevertheless, the dry cleaner contacted authorities after hearing about Missy's murder on the news. Authorities issued a warrant for the shirt, which was then sent to be tested by forensic analysts. Despite the fact that the shirt had been washed before they received it, the blood was testable — and testing eventually confirmed it had come from a dog, just as Randy said.

Authorities also noted Randy matched the general height and weight of the person in the church's surveillance footage and also walked with a limp. However, he had a solid alibi for the morning of Missy's murder: He was in California at the time.

Missy Bevers received a frightening message before she was killed

Over the course of the investigation, authorities also examined Missy Bevers' electronic devices and social media accounts. As reported by The Dallas Morning News in 2016, Bevers was active on the professional social networking site LinkedIn. Authorities learned Bevers had been in communication with one man in particular between January 2016 and the day of her death. In those three months, authorities said the conversation between the two had "turned flirtatious and familiar." Law enforcement officials contacted the man, who admitted having an online friendship with Bevers. However, he was never named as a suspect.

According to the true crime blog Chilling Crimes, Bevers also received what she told friends was a "creepy and strange" message from a man she did not know. The message, which was also sent via LinkedIn, was received three days before she was killed. As of this writing, it is unknown whether authorities ever identified the sender or whether he is considered a person of interest or a suspect.

Every suspect in Missy Bevers' murder was eventually cleared

Based on a tip received about the SUV seen leaving the church parking lot, authorities identified Bobby Wayne Henry as a person of interest. According to the true crime blog Hunt a Killer – which cited discussions and theories posited by Reddit internet sleuths – Henry was a former police officer who admittedly still owned the tactical gear he was issued when he worked for the police force. He also drove a dark-colored SUV and walked with a pronounced limp. Per True Crime Edition, Henry was dismissed from the police department when he was charged with sexual assault in 2017. Despite that charge, and another charge related to possession of child pornography, Henry was employed part-time as a security guard.

According to Hunt a Killer, there were a number of concerns that led authorities to take a closer look at Henry and his possible involvement in Missy Bevers' murder. However, he was several inches taller than the person seen in the church's surveillance footage and was ultimately eliminated as a suspect.

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Missy Bevers' murder remains unsolved

In the years since Missy Bevers' 2016 murder, as of this report investigators have not made an arrest or identified a suspect in the homicide case. Even so, there are numerous theories as to who may have killed the former fitness instructor — including those already cleared by Texas police. Although they have all been ruled out, some people believe either Brandon or Randy Bevers was involved. Others still point to Bobby Wayne Henry as the most likely suspect.

In their 2020 write-up of the case, Chilling Crimes listed some theories which suggest Bevers' murder was connected to someone either she or her husband was involved with. They also pointed out how easy it would be for her killer to trace her day-to-day movements: As she was active on social media, and widely advertised her gladiator boot camp classes, Bevers' activities and location were readily available.

CBS News reports authorities have received more than 3,000 tips. Unfortunately, they have not received enough information to make an arrest, and authorities still have not established the identity of the person seen in the church surveillance video. But even though Bevers' murder has remained unsolved for six years running, law enforcement officials have not deemed the case "cold," and the investigation is currently active.