George Harrison's Son Looks Just Like The Famous Musician

Arguably the most famous band in the world, The Beatles, have hardly faded from pop culture conversations despite all of their original music recordings (not including songs from the 1990s reunion) being 50 years old. The Beatles held records that have only recently been beaten, such as most Top 10 Hot 100 debuts for a group. Fans are able to continuously discover new things about the band as well, most recently thanks to Peter Jackson's compilation of previously unseen footage from 1969. Jackson created a lengthy three-part documentary with the footage titled "Get Back" in December of 2021.

One could argue that as soloists, none of the band members achieved the same level of fame as Beatlemania in the 1960s, though they each still had hit records in the decades following the band's tumultuous breakup. They also began to balance their music careers with quieter, more domestic lifestyles as they got older and started families.

Dhani is George Harrison's only child

John Lennon famously married Yoko Ono at the end of the 1960s and settled in New York City with their son Sean. Son Julian Lennon, from his previous marriage to Cynthia Lennon, has his own music career and recently performed his father's iconic song "Imagine" for the first time ever to create awareness surrounding the crisis in Ukraine that began in February of 2022. Paul McCartney had four children with first wife Linda McCartney: artist Heather, writer and photographer Mary, fashion designer Stella, and musician James. His youngest child Beatrice is with his second wife Heather Mills. Ringo Starr and first wife Maureen Starkey had two sons who are both drummers, Zak and Jason, and daughter Lee who works in fashion.

Most of these Beatle children bear a resemblance to their famous dads, even young Beatrice. However, George Harrison's son and only child Dhani Harrison is the spitting image of his father — so much so that he was used as a model for the characters in "The Beatles: Rock Band" video game (via Billboard). 

Dhani Harrison is a musician like his father

After George Harrison's marriage to Patti Boyd — who left him for Eric Clapton — he married Olivia Harrison. She gave birth to Dhani in 1978. He is named after two notes on the Indian music scale "dha" and "ni." The Beatles spent time in India in 1968 for some much needed rest, as described in Rolling Stone. Harrison in particular took interest in the meditation practices that the group learned on their trip. It is no surprise that Indian culture influenced him later in life as well.

Dhani Harrison has been open about music in relation to his late father — who passed away in 2001 — and is a musician himself. He even helped finish the album "Brainwashed" that was in the works when he died. However, Dhani Harrison does not aim to become a megastar like his father. When speaking to The Guardian, he explained that he does not want to make music for the sake of gaining fame. "I don't really plan to be a pop star," he said. "I just want to be able to make music without the whole My Dad thing hanging over me, which everyone in my position goes through."

Dhani also knows that comparisons to his father are inevitable. "It's a tricky one," he said. "You can't help being a musician because you've grown up with music, yet being one means being compared to your dad and being slated for it. But I really don't have the ambitions of most people going into the industry."

And if you are wondering if he actually likes The Beatles, he definitely does — he cited Revolver as being "the best album ever made."

Dhani Harrison has performed with former Beatles

Dhani Harrison performed alongside Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, and former Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr for a tribute to George Harrison titled "Concert for George" in 2002. The filmed performance was in theaters and are now on CD and DVD to continue the legacy of the late Beatle. More recently, Dhani Harrison helped create a special edition of George Harrison's album "All Things Must Pass," which celebrated its 50th anniversary on 2021. The album featured the first No. 1 hit for an ex-Beatle with the song "My Sweet Lord" (via Guitar World).

Despite his enthusiasm for his father's music and even hip-hop (via The Guardian), Dhani Harrison did not initially want to become a musician. He once told Billboard that he went to Brown University and even competed in rowing. As for why he finally decided to get into music, he stated, "It's in the DNA, I guess."