Mick Jagger's Son Looks Just Like The Famous Musician

Since The Rolling Stones took off in the early 1960s, legendary frontman Mick Jagger has managed to maintain his reputation as a slick, seductive, supreme rock 'n' roll god, and his legacy of prowess remains unrivaled. "I love the other guys [in the Rolling Stones] but as sexy as they were, they didn't have the raw, animal sex appeal of Jagger," Killers frontman Brandon Flowers once stated in a 2009 interview with Uncut magazine about the rock star (via Gigwise). Naturally, a life jam-packed with so much carnal energy is bound to produce a decent crop of offspring. Throughout the years, Mick Jagger has fathered no less than eight children with three different partners, the most recent of whom was born in December 2016 — a boy, Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger, per Biography.

The striking resemblance he bears with his son James is almost unreal, as outlets like Billboard have been quick to concur. The third eldest child of the Jagger brood, James sports the same prominent nose, wide mouth, and devilishly entrancing eyes that are the signature of his father's youthful countenance. And it seems it's also been somewhat of a blessing in James' career pursuits as a model, actor, and musician.

James Jagger's life as a musician and model

Since 2009, James Jagger has fronted the London-based punk band Turbogeist, according to Vogue Italia. (Speaking with the magazine in 2010, Turbogeist guitarist Luis Felber described the outfit as "a high-speed punk twist on The Replacements and The Misfits –- with a wry sense of humor thrown in for good measure.") In a 2011 interview with the music blog Clash, James divulged his approach to music deviates from that of his famous father Mick Jagger, instead crediting punk music as his most cherished influence. "Punk music was something that I clicked with as a teenager, there was a purity to its sound," he said at the time.

Music, however, isn't the only talent-based trade in James' wheelhouse — he's also worked as a model, and appeared on the cover of Vogue Hommes Paris in 2016. Standing over 6 feet tall with a slim build and a striking resemblance to Mick, it's no wonder he's such a hit within the worldwide modeling community. Aside from gracing the cover of Vogue Hommes Paris, James has also been featured as a face for publications like Hercules magazine and American Vogue, as well as brands like Jimmy Choo, Rag & Bone, and Armani, per Models.

James Jagger is also an actor

In 2016, HBO released the first and only season of "Vinyl," a drama series about the 1970s music industry executively produced by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger (via IMDb). The younger Jagger played the role of Kip Stevens, the sleazy but endearing frontman of a punk group called The Nasty Bits. James starred alongside other notable names such as Olivia Wilde, Bobby Cannavale, Jack Quaid, and Andrew Dice Clay. Unfortunately, critical and viewer reception of the show varied, and after only 10 episodes, HBO discontinued the series.

Even though the show only lasted for a short time, it seems James found it a worthwhile experience. "It was really enjoyable for me to portray this guy — he's a total a******, but he's also got hopes and dreams," James told Billboard in 2016. "It was nice to be able to show there's more than one facet than this sort of demonic, ruthlessly competitive, ambitious [character]."

James Jagger's personal life

In 2015, James Jagger married artist Anoushka Sharma, with whom he'd been in a relationship for seven years leading up to their nuptials. Tying the knot in New York City, the couple then retreated to their native Great Britain and held a second ceremony for friends and family unable to attend their stateside ceremony. They established permanent residence in Austin, Texas, though later moved to Los Angeles in 2016, per Hello! Magazine. After only three years of marriage, Jagger and Sharma called it quits and were separated in 2018, according to Daily Mail UK. (According to a 2020 report by People magazine, Jagger sold the property for $1.46 million.)

In February 2016, Jagger opened up to Yahoo! Finance about what it was like to grow up as the son of Mick. Per James' description, he found the experience distressing as a teenager, especially when it came to enduring all the attention as the son of a rock icon. Nevertheless, James stated he is proud of his name and his family all the same. "I absolutely adore my dad and I'm incredibly proud of all his achievements, so I'm proud to be his son," said James. "At times, you kind of wish you had more anonymity and, when you're a teenager, it can be embarrassing at times, but I've gotten over it."