Clark Gable's Grandson Looked Just Like The Famous Actor

Clark Gable III shared more than just a name with his famous grandfather: They looked uncannily alike. They had many similar features: dark hair, thick eyebrows, and dimples.

Unfortunately, Gable III's life was much shorter and more tumultuous than his grandfather's. For one thing, he had a rocky relationship with his father, John Clark Gable, according to Mercury News. After Gable III's sudden death from an overdose, his sister, Kayley Gable, made public texts in which her father referred to the "disgrace" of the way his children were using the family name. He also didn't want his son, Gable III, buried in with the rest of the family.

Ironically, John Clark Gable never knew his famous father; he was born four months after Clark Gable's death. The actor also never acknowledged his other child, Judy Lewis. In fact, he may not have known about her. She was the daughter of Gable and actress Loretta Young, who starred in "Call of the Wild" together in 1935. Young later pretended to have adopted Lewis and didn't tell Lewis the truth until well after Gable's death. Through Lewis, Gable has more grandchildren (via Mercury News).

Well before Gable III's untimely death, his family was also disturbed by divorce and drug abuse. With that background, it may be no wonder that Gable III's life got off track.

Clark Gable III's career

Clark Gable III was born in 1988 to John Clark Gable (pictured) and Tracy Yarro, according to his "Cheaters" bio. He grew up in various California towns. At age 5, he started modeling and continued for the rest of his life. He worked with brands like Disney, Converse, and Prada. Gable studied at the New York Film Academy and was interested in acting, production, and stunt work. His film career never really took off, but he did appear in the Italian movie "Looking for Clarissa" and the British movie "Heckle," (per IMDb).

His best-known role, however, was as the host of the reality show "Cheaters" during seasons 13-15 (via Distractify). The show follows people trying to figure out if their romantic partner is cheating and then confronting them about it. Gable told The Hollywood Reporter that the show was unscripted and that the violence shown between the couples was real, sometimes making him feel like he was in danger.

Gable III and his grandfather's legacy

In the same interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he acknowledged the benefits and expectations that came with his famous name, saying, "It opened a lot of doors." He remembered how parents of his school classmates had reacted to hearing it, and how other people didn't believe it was his real name.

He said acting was in his blood but that he hoped not to be compared to his grandfather. Because his father never succeeded as an actor, Gable III wanted to "create a new legacy" for his family. He said he had been "born into these great circumstances" and wanted to make the most of that.

Before Gable III's death, the family was set to star in their own reality show, produced by the company as "Cheaters." It would have featured his sister, mother, stepfather, and half-brothers as well as Gable III. Gable III wanted it to be done in a "tasteful and classy way" (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Legal trouble & death

By the time he began hosting "Cheaters," Clark Gable III already had experience with violence. In 2009, he was stabbed at a friend's house while trying to protect his friend during an altercation. He had a collapsed lung and needed surgery, but he called it "a blessing in disguise" because he learned from it (via The Hollywood Reporter).

That didn't keep him out of legal trouble, however. In 2012, he was arrested for pointing a green laser at a police helicopter in Hollywood. He was in a convertible on Sunset Boulevard and playing around with the laser pointer his mother had given him. He didn't realize he was breaking the law. He spent six days in jail and said he learned from that too (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Gable III's short life came to a tragic end on February 22, 2019 (via IMDb). His girlfriend found him unresponsive in bed, according to Mercury News. Two months later, a medical examiner announced that he had died of an accidental overdose from a combination of the opioids fentanyl and oxycodone, and the sedative alprazolam (via USA Today). He was 30 and was survived by his fiancée Summer and their young daughter, Shore Gable.