What Do We Know About Convicted Murderer Gypsy Rose Blanchard's New Husband

In 2016, Gypsy Rose Blanchard was sentenced to 10 years in prison, convicted of second degree murder after conspiring with an online boyfriend to kill her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, as Louisiana news outlet KPLC reports. In 2019, Nick Godejohn, Blanchard's boyfriend at the time that the murder took place, was sentenced to life in prison for killing Dee Dee Blanchard by stabbing her to death.

Born in 1991, Blanchard's mother allegedly kept her daughter hostage as a girl. Gypsy also endured a series of unnecessary medical treatments for illnesses which she didn't actually have, although Dee Dee supposedly told Rod Blanchard, Gypsy Rose's father, that the girl suffered from chromosomal disorder. As part of what Gypsy Rose experienced, she was wheelchair-bound and fed through a tube (per Biography). According to her defense, her mother had Munchhausen syndrome by proxy (sometimes called factitious disorder imposed on another), a mental condition that can cause individuals to project fake illnesses onto others, who are most often dependents such as children, according to WebMD.

Blanchard was engaged once before

Though still in prison, Blanchard, who is 30 years old as of this report, is now married, as KPLC goes on to note. Blanchard was engaged to be married once before while in prison, to a man only known to the media as "Ken," per In Touch Weekly. Blanchard reportedly met Ken through an inmate pen pal program. Their relationship was on-and-off and finally ended for good in 2019, as Blanchard's stepmother confirmed, according to further reporting from In Touch Weekly. That near-marriage with Ken was only the most serious relationship she had among others while still in prison.

As Fancy Marcelli, a Blanchard family friend, said in 2021 (via In Touch Weekly), most prospective Blanchard suitors came from Blanchard support groups, and some were just chasing fame. "Some of the guys have even gone to the prison to meet Gypsy ... I'm afraid she'll meet someone and marry him," that Blanchard family friend also said (via In Touch Weekly). In 2019, a petition circulated to free Blanchard, given the extenuating circumstances in her case. That petition, created by her father, Rod Blanchard, gathered 150,000 signatures, as of a 2019 report from Women's Health.

Blanchard's husband is 36

As of this report, Gypsy Rose Blanchard's husband is 36-year-old Ryan Scott Anderson, from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Their marriage certificate was confirmed by the Livingston County Recorder of Deeds. The ceremony took place on June 27, as reported by ET and KPLC. Little else is known about how Blanchard and Anderson met, or what Anderson's life was like before the marriage.

While her mother, Dee Dee, was still alive, Gypsy Rose was involved in a number of allegedly fraudulent schemes to raise funds for her own healthcare. Dee Dee Blanchard also lied about her daughter's age. After meeting Nick Godejohn secretly online, Gypsy Rose told him the truth of her situation. At that point they formulated a plan to kill Dee Dee, as ET explains. An eight-part dramatized version of the Blanchard situation, "The Act," is available to watch now on Hulu. A series trailer for "The Act" can also be watched now on YouTube.