Elizabeth Collins

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Los Angeles, CA
The University Of Houston
Entertainment, Humor, LGBTQIA+ Families
  • Elizabeth studied Film and Television and has written entertainment related pieces for Grunge.com.
  • Elizabeth was a standup comedian for ten years, and has written comedy related stories for Grunge.com. She has published humor and satire at places such as McSweeney's.
  • Elizabeth was raised in an interracial queer home in the South and has written about it for Marie Claire, Salon, Slate, and Vice.


Elizabeth Collins was called "eclectic" by her elementary school teacher. She has always had a varied sense of curiosity, leading her to write about many of her eclectic interests and experiences. She moved around a lot, and for half of her childhood she lived with her father and his partner in Dallas, Texas, a unique experience that has given her a different point of view on the world. She studied acting, film, and television, but found her passion in writing for magazines and telling not only her personal story but that of other complicated individuals and groups.


Elizabeth studied acting at KD Studio, the Actor's Conservatory of the Southwest and then went to The University of Houston where she received her degree in Film and Television.
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