Kathleen Walsh

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Brooklyn, NY
DePaul University
Entertainment, Dating And Relationships, Mental Health, Politics, Pop Culture
  • Kathleen is a staff entertainment writer at Nicki Swift.
  • Previously, Kathleen was the TV Editor at BDG's parenting and lifestyle site Romper, where she covered everything from reality stars to news about the latest streaming shows.
  • She writes about TV, movies, and celebrity culture for outlets including Elite Daily, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and others.


Kathleen has been writing about culture, entertainment, and relationships for the better part of a decade. Her op-eds and reported work have been published in outlets such as New York Times, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire, among others. Meanwhile, she writes e-commerce shopping articles for Rolling Stone and The Hollywood Reporter. Kathleen also has experience as an editor, managing the TV vertical at Bustle Digital Group's Romper. Over the course of her freelance career, Kathleen has built a niche covering the intersection of pop culture, relationships, and emotional abuse, in addition to devoted coverage of all things celeb.


Kathleen earned a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from DePaul University in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, where she developed a love for romance novels and a disdain for James Joyce.
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