Kenli Doss

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Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Jacksonville State University
Literature, Theater, Enterntainment
  • Kenli has has been trained in various topics, including plant care, animal care, acting, directing, carpentry, script writing for both film and stage, design, and more.
  • She worked as a researcher and writer for over two years with two educational programs, The Shakespeare Project and
  • Kenli is a published poet, fiction writer, and dramatist. She has had work published in Something Else Literary Arts Journal and is soon to be published in Bonemilk, a literary arts journal by Gutslut Press.


In college, Kenli dreamed of writing for a website like Grunge, and she spent four years acquiring expertise in fields ranging from Shakespearean verse to carpentry. She has served as an editorial assistant for Gigantic Sequins Literary Arts Journal, an outreach assistant for Teen Sequins, and interned with the managing director of The Shakespeare Project, based out of Jacksonville, Alabama. She has worked with PlayZoomers, filling the roles of assistant director and director on many productions of online theater


Kenli has bachelor's degrees in English and drama from Jacksonville State University in Alabama.
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