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Bucknell University
The Restaurant Industry, Cooking On A Budget, Food TV
  • Ralph has 13 years of experience in newspapers, having worked as a reporter and editor at daily and weekly publications across Washington state.
  • Ralph knows the restaurant business from the inside, with years of experience as a line cook at independently owned restaurants in Atlanta and Seattle.
  • Ralph has brought his restaurant cooking chops home, whipping up budget-minded meals for his family of five with whatever is available in the kitchen.


Ralph didn't feel at home in graduate school at the University of Washington until he submitted an unsolicited book review to the school's student newspaper. The arts editors loved it and picked him up as a regular writer. Next term, Ralph was arts editor, and his journalism career was launched. After a transitional period cooking at a popular Seattle brunch spot, Ralph landed a reporting job with a small weekly newspaper in central Washington. Less than a year later, he was promoted to editor of a sister newspaper in the resort town of Chelan, Washington. A successful stint there landed him a job at a daily newspaper in Mount Vernon, a community one hour north of Seattle. From there, he moved to a bigger paper close to the Canadian border, in Bellingham. Ralph started working for Static Media in March 2020 after enjoying short stint at the weekly newspaper in Washington's beautiful Methow Valley. Ralph was won numerous writing and photography awards for news, sports, and arts.


Ralph was a double-major at Bucknell University, earning several honors on his way to a B.A. in physics and philosophy. Ralph also pursued graduate work in philosophy at Emory University in Atlanta, and in atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle. He finally scrapped the grad school idea after realizing he preferred short-term deadlines to thesis work.
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