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Middle Tennessee State University, Southern New Hampshire University
Astronomy, Physics, Science, US History, Weird Facts
  • Rebecca is working toward obtaining a degree in non-fiction writing after taking several courses in physics and astronomy, including experimental astronomy, astrophysics, modern physics, theoretical physics, stars and galaxies astronomy, and solar system astronomy.
  • In addition to writing for Grunge, Rebecca posts current news, tidbits, and short educational pieces on astronomy and physics on her personal blog on
  • Rebecca is currently working on writing children's books on science topics to introduce kids to these topics early in a fun, educational way.


Rebecca Beamer is a science writer who has a passion for making complex topics easy to understand. She believes that you shouldn't need a doctorate to understand certain topics, and her goal is to make them easy to understand for those with limited background knowledge on the subject. Her favorite subjects to write about include astronomy, physics, technology, and history. Rebecca loves to do research and takes her time to learn new things daily to share with the world.


Rebecca began her college career looking to obtain a bachelor's degree in physics and astronomy. During her time in college, she was a research student for NASA's Radio JOVE project, which included writing an article for NASA's Radio JOVE newsletter. She took upper-level courses in a variety of physics and astronomy subjects. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rebecca took a break from college to take care of her family. She is now returning to college to obtain a bachelor's degree in non-fiction writing. She hopes to use the knowledge she previously obtained from her time studying physics and astronomy to complement the skills she is learning in writing through her work and school.
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