The Connection Between A Hymn Played At Queen Elizabeth II's Wedding And Funeral

Queen Elizabeth II was finally laid to rest on September 19 in a highly emotional funeral attended by a number of notable figures, including the royal family. The solemn event held some incredibly emotional and poignant moments, including the attendance of her young great-grandchildren, the children of William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales. Prince George and Princess Charlotte both attended the funeral at London's Westminster Abbey, dressed in all black as they joined their family members following the queen's coffin into the historic building, per E! News.

That was far from the only tear-jerking moment, though. The touching moment saw many of the royals become teary-eyed throughout as they paid their late respects to the late monarch. Many fans noticed that several members of the royal family were visibly emotional while hearing readings dedicated to the late queen and singing some of her favorite hymns, including Prince William and Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

Amongst the music used during the event was one song with a particularly poignant meaning for the queen and her family — a musical number that was sung not only at her funeral, but also at her wedding several decades earlier.

The queen's connection to 'The Lord is My Shepherd'

"The Lord is My Shepherd" was one of the hymns chosen for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, and for a very special reason. The song is an important one for the late queen and her family, as it was one of the hymns sung during the wedding of the queen (then known as Princess Elizabeth) and Prince Philip (then known as Lt Philip Mountbatten), back in 1947, per The Telegraph. The popular Christian hymn borrows inspiration from Psalm 23 in the bible, and saw those who attended the monarch's funeral stand as they sang together.

Plenty of royal watchers watching the funeral from around the world noted the touching meaning behind choosing the song, with one person tweeting, "Amazing rendition of 'The Lord is My Shepherd' at the queen's funeral, the same hymn that was sung at the Queen's Wedding which held at the same venue, Westminster Abbey in 1947. Goosebumps inducing." Another commented, "The hymn The Lord's My Shepherd is a beautiful nod to the late Prince Philip. It was played at the Queen's wedding to him in [Westminster Abbey] in 1947." Prince Philip died in April 2021.

The celebration of the late queen's life was full of music, with the congregation and choir singing several moving hymns. Amongst the other songs chosen for the funeral, per BBC News, were, "O Taste and see how Gracious the Lord is" as well as a piece specifically commissioned for the funeral.