The Real Meaning Of The Pyramid On A Dollar Bill

The one dollar bill: it's what we feed into vending machines, what we use to buy dry ramen packs when it's two days until payday, and what we subtly ensure that our baristas see us putting into the tip jar so they'll know we're not one of those customers. If you live in America and you're in the income brackets between "so rich that money doesn't matter" and "Tennessee-Williams-character broke," you probably see one dollar bills every day of your life. 

And seeing something every day does a funny thing to your brain: it makes it easy not to notice how weird that thing is. In the case of the dollar bill, it might convince you to overlook the fact that the currency of a country that has, historically speaking, had at best a casual, passing relationship with pyramids features a fatty pyramid right on its backside. What's the story? There are two possibilities. 

The historical explanation of the dollar bill pyramid

The pyramid on the one dollar bill is one half of what's called the "Great Seal of the United States," a piece of iconography that you're probably at least 50% familiar with. The other half of the seal, the shielded eagle carrying thirteen arrows and an olive branch, is seen on the other side of the dollar, as well as in the Oval Office and on official presidential gift shop merch. 

According to an essay published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, the seal was designed in the late 18th century by secretary to the Continental Congress Charles Thomson. The unfinished pyramid was meant to represent the strength and longevity of the new nation, with the Eye of Providence, a popular symbol at the time, showing that good fortune was watching over this fledgling republic. The eagle eyed will have noticed that there are thirteen rows of blocks leading to the top, representing the thirteen original colonies. The image is topped with the words "Annuit Coeptis," roughly meaning "Providence has favored our undertakings," and "Novus Ordo Seclorum," or "a new order of the ages," signifying the dawning of a new form of government. And of course, at the base of the pyramid is engraving "MDCCLXXVI," which reads "1776" in roman numerals.

The bananas explanation of the dollar bill pyramid

But that's enough of that. The other explanation is far simpler: the dollar bill and its symbolism are nothing more or less than a deep state Illuminati conspiracy allowing those with real power to flaunt their dominance over we, the sheeple. The pyramid represents the ancient order of the Freemasons. The floating, glowing eye represents the extraterrestrial forces guiding our society through its nascency and on to a place of subservience. The use of the latin phrase for a "new world order" is damning in its own right. And as for the inscription reading "MDCCLXXVI?" Sound it out phonetically and you'll find that it makes the exact same noise that your frothing mouth will when you suffer a severe aneurysm from reading internet conspiracy theories all day.