The Rarest Lego Minifigure In The World

As anyone who tries to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night barefoot can attest, LEGOs are everywhere these days, to the point that XKCD once jokingly calculated that "LEGO people" would outnumber real people in 2019. Still, it turns out that not every LEGO person is created equal: The company has a special Minifigure line that specifically focuses on "unique, fun characters." Among this elite class, there's a subsection of extremely rare figures that most of us will never even get to see, let alone hold. But what's the rarest LEGO Minifigure of them all? 

A good way to determine an object's rarity is to look at its worth. According to Guinness World Records, the most valuable little LEGO guy on planet is currently valued at no less than $11,495,95 dollars, and it's none other than the iconic Star Wars bounty hunter, Boba Fett. We're not talking of just any tiny, plastic Mandalorian, though. This particular incarnation of Mr. Fett is a special, 14-carat gold minifigure that belongs to a set of three Bobas: One plastic, one silver, one gold. Only two of these sets were ever made, and they were never even available for sale — instead, they were given as special prizes at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con.

The rarest Lego Minifigure out of this world

Of course, while the golden Boba Fett and his less valuable associates are just about the rarest LEGO Minifigure in the world, there are a few even more rare figurines in space. How they got there is part science, part mythology, and 100 percent nerd achievement.

In 2011, NASA announced that their Juno spacecraft would carry three unique LEGO figurines on its mission to Jupiter. These custom figures are all unique, as one of them represents Galileo Galilei and the other two, fittingly enough, depict the Roman god Jupiter and his wife, the goddess Juno. These unique figures aren't meant to ever return to Earth, but Guinness World Records estimates that if they for whatever reason did, their value would probably be "many millions." Now that's a good way to become the richest kid on the "block."