Here's How Much Pat Sajak And Vanna White Make From Wheel Of Fortune

Whether you're a Keno player chain smoking at your local casino or just someone who fell asleep watching Jeopardy, you're probably very much aware that Wheel of Fortune is still on the air. Since 1983, fans of the show have, and this is a shock, existed, being lulled on a daily basis by the sultry tones of Pat Sajak, with the smooth, fluid ballet that is Vanna White's letter-turning acumen predating his regular tenure by a few months. If you were ever curious to find out just how much you can expect to pull in after a three and a half decades of telling people to spin again, you'll be excited to learn that it's significantly more than you'd get as, say, a firefighter or a doctor or a jabroni of that nature. 

Pat Sajak hit the jackpot

Pat Sajak started his meteoric rise to stardom as a humble AM radio DJ out of Chicago, eventually serving in the army as a disc jockey for troops stationed in Vietnam. He later worked as a weatherman in Los Angeles and hosted two failed game show pilots before landing Wheel of Fortune. 

And you know what? It worked out alright for him. As of 2019, Sajak's annual salary sits at a cool $15 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. That's enough to buy 60 thousand vowels before taxes. 

Vanna White could buy your whole life

Vanna White, the smiling face of Wheel of Fortune, takes home a mere $10 million a year. At two thirds of Sajak's salary, it's the sort of figure that probably seems like a slap in the face until you take into account that Vanna White makes $10 million a year. Per Celebrity Net Worth, Wheel of Fortune tapes four days a month, taping six episodes per day, putting Sajak's daily take at $312,500 and White's at a little over $208,000. 

If it helps, they put Alex Trebek's yearly salary at $18 million, which, for whatever reason, makes us feel a little better.