The Weakest Dog Breed In The World

Davy Crockett  was a dog lover and he famously enjoyed a good brag. His rifle was the "surest," his sister was the "prettiest," and his dog ... the ugliest. There's no record of the breed, though life on the wild frontier probably didn't offer a lot of opportunities for pure-bred canine companions. 

What if you also love dogs, but aren't looking to have the ugliest one? What if you have different needs, like level of strength? Huskies are bred to be sled dogs and are powerful animals with incredible stamina. But maybe you want an animal that isn't all that – one that's weak. Not in the sense of poor health, obviously, but in terms of being low-key, requiring little or no exercise, maybe even docile. 

For instance, Dalmatians aren't the biggest dog on the block, but are famously wiry and require lots of opportunities to burn off their incredible energy. A dog's size can be a factor, but surprisingly, it's not the only thing to think about; it's good to consider the dog's longevity, too. The good news is that there are lots of possibilities out there, and opinions are as numerous as the breeds themselves. In this, as in all things, it pays to do some research.

These weak dogs are not pulling a sled any time soon

The Wopet web site helpfully solves this mystery for us. Remember what we said about size? The site lists the Great Dane as a dog that's going to be incredibly chill, appreciative of "a rich bed" to sleep on. Not surprisingly, the Shih Tsu and the Pug, neither of them large animals, also make the weak list. Neither breed wants more than a bit of a short walk every day. The Pekingese is just as happy indoors as out, and there's probably never going to be a story told of a Pekingese dragging an injured firefighter out of a burning building. In terms of inherent weaknesses, lots of breeds have their genetic drawbacks – both Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds, for instance, are prone to hip dysplasia; the Lhasa Apso, kidney disease.

But finally, if you're thinking of bringing a dog into your life, consider a rescue animal from your local shelter. Even an ugly one.