These Are The Heroes Thor Hasn't Met In The MCU

Thor spent the first half of his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a brooding jock tank. What he lacked in personality, he more than made up for in bleach blonde eyebrows. That's right, you forgot that Thor used to get his eyebrow hair did — the giants weren't the only things getting frosted. Then, starting around the hammer lift scene in Age of Ultron, and cementing itself with Thor: Ragnarok, something magical happened, as writers started treating the God of Thunder as a character with flaws beyond the super relatable "sometimes being the greatest warrior in the universe makes it easy to overlook the way Natalie Portman keeps throwing herself at you." 

Suddenly, Thor became an interesting dude. More than that, his interactions with other Marvel characters turned into a franchise highlight. Thor became the MSG of the superhero world, wherein adding him just made everything better.

That's what makes it so flabbergasting to realize that the Odinson of Norse mythology has yet to meet some of the MCU's biggest names. Take, for example, Spider-Man. They've got so much in common, from great power and responsibility to dead father figures. Great power. Thor has never run into Bucky Barnes, either, even though they've both lost prominent chunks of their bodies in battle and been denied iconic weaponry by Steve Rogers. He and Janet van Dyne haven't crossed paths, as well, and there's probably something to explore there, whatever it might be.

Thor's got a few big heroes he still has to cross hammers with

Out of all the unrealized potential bro downs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's one royal rumble that it's amazing to realize hasn't happened yet: the King of Asgard and the King of Wakanda have yet to cross paths. It's such a waster opportunity if it doesn't happen, you guys. Just picture the discussions about the responsibilities of holding office, or T'Challa pulling Thor out of his years-long depression, setting up a vibranium-powered home gym, followed by the gentle but firm reminders that while the gesture is appreciated, maybe Thor doesn't need to say "Wakanda forever!" every time they hang out. Meanwhile, Shuri could spruce up Stormbreaker, since Shuri can do anything.

Sharon Carter is another hero that Thor has never met, though in truth, most of the MCU hasn't run into Sharon Carter. However, a scene where Thor puts his patented overconfidence/social awkwardness combo into a conversation about how she made out with her aunt's boyfriend would be? That world, if nothing else, be internet meme gold.