The real reason Billy Joel lost all of his money

Budgeting and balancing checkbooks on an average salary has never been fun and games, and keeping track of millions of dollars of expenses per month as a celebrity can't be a walk in the park, either. Of course, for those living a life of luxury, finances are taken care of by managers, or sometimes even entire teams. The key to financial success as a celebrity is trusting the right people and knowing exactly where -– and who -– your money is going to.

For a guy who has played over 70 residency shows at New York City's Madison Square Garden for the past 6 years, according to Newsday, you would expect Billy Joel to not have to worry about his finances all too much. However, even successful entertainers find themselves embezzled out of tens of millions of dollars, which is exactly the sticky situation the Piano Man found himself in.

Brother-in-law knows best

Per The Los Angeles Times, Joel sued his former manager Frank Weber for $90 million in 1989 for fraud and breach of financial duty. From the total, $30 million was for "compensatory damage", which Weber had allegedly taken from the musican. The leftover $60 million was for "punitive" damages for the years that the manager had allegedly defrauded the Piano Man. This came just several years after Frank's sister Elizabeth divorced Joel.

According to the suit, Weber had given huge loans to enterprises of his own in Joel's name and mortgaged the artist's copyrights without telling Joel. During the alleged embezzlement, Weber was making $20 million of the singer's money in commissions. Per Page Six, Joel's mission for $90 million in damages didn't go according to plan, as Weber filed for bankruptcy and the case was settled out of court. The Piano Man walked away with only around $8 million, according to Fox Business. Per Classic Bands, Weber later sued Joel for $30 million, but it was soon after dismissed in court.