The Historical Beatles Moment That Happened In Disney World

For a place that's billed as "The most magical place on Earth," Disney World sure has seen its fair share of moments that definitely do not fit such a description. Yes, you can snap a selfie with Mickey Mouse and sail past Captain Jack Sparrow, but did you know that a 2-year-old boy was killed by an alligator there? According to CNN, the boy drowned after the 'gator pulled him into a lagoon near a hotel on the resort grounds in 2016. And as Mic reported after the boy's story horrified the internet, quite a few people have met rather terrible fates in the world's "most magical" place. (In its defense, Disneyland, in California, is the "Happiest place on Earth," so depending on your definition of "magic," Disney World's enchanting slogan isn't technically incorrect.)

Here's a quick overview of the way too many other deaths that have occurred at Walt Disney World: A 9-year-old who told his mother, "This is the best day ever" when they arrived was run over by a shuttle bus there in 2009. An employee dressed as Pluto was killed by a parade float in 2004, and three others were killed in the "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular" in 2009. Visitors and employees alike have been struck by runaway train carts, and even the "It's a Small World" ride has murdered people.

Oh, and just in case all that isn't depressing enough, The Beatles died there, as well.

John Lennon signed The Beatles' divorce papers while on vacation at Disney World

History remembers April 10, 1970 as the "the day The Beatles broke up," but they had actually separated emotionally, spiritually, and musically long before that day. Fans the world over knew that the Fab Four had been going through a rough patch, but everyone was rooting for them to take their own advice and work it out. Alas, no such reunion was in the cards. The Beatles were broken up. Beatlemania had finally come to an end.

While Ringo Starr had actually tried to quit the band as early as 1968, he was talked into coming back. But according to The Beatles Bible, the following year John Lennon knew the magic was over and told the other guys he was out on September 20, 1969. Toward the end of 1970, Paul McCartney started the paperwork to officially dissolve the band's business partnership, beginning a long, drawn-out legal process that would end up lasting years. Although Lennon's announcement to the other three that he wanted out had been the emotional end of the band, he would end up dragging his feet when it came to making the split official, and The Beatles' breakup wouldn't be made legal until years later. And when the time finally came, Lennon was conspicuously absent from the proceedings.

The Beatles' lawyers had to chase Lennon down at Disney World

Dissolving the biggest rock band in history is no easy task. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the process took several years, millions of dollars, and miles of red tape. The lawyers finally had all the paperwork ready toward the end of 1974, and a meeting was arranged to sign them once and for all at New York City's Plaza Hotel. But although he lived less than a half-hour's walk away, Lennon didn't show up. When George Harrison's lawyer called to ask where he was, Lennon apparently instructed his secretary (and lover) May Pang to tell him, "The stars aren't right." John's astrological inspiration justifiably infuriated the other ex-Beatles and their legal teams.

Lennon and Pang then decided to fly down to Florida for Christmas, where they stayed at the Polynesian Village Hotel at Walt Disney World. After the holiday, a lawyer from Apple Corps had to fly down and force Lennon to finally get it over with. So there in "The most magical place on Earth," John Lennon signed the lengthy contract on December 29, 1974, marking the official end, once and for all, of The Beatles as a business entity. That day wasn't as publicized as Paul's interview, and the legal part of a divorce isn't nearly as sad as the emotional part, but still, the event surely was a sad one amid all the fun and cheer of the Magical Kingdom.