What You Should Know About Patrick Mahomes' Dogs, Steel And Silver

As Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes eyes his chance at a repeat Super Bowl championship on Sunday, February 7, 2021, Sports Illustrated is speculating that he is on the verge of founding "the NFL's next dynasty." Needless to say, Mahomes has become a pretty popular guy, especially among people from Kansas City. And sure, the majority of that popularity probably comes from his skills on the gridiron, but we're pretty sure that some of his 4 million Instagram followers are only there because of his dogs. The pair of adorable pups has almost 200,000 followers on Instagram.

Steel and Silver are one cute doggie duo, and Mahomes is absolutely over the moon for both of them. According to The Kansas City Star, he and his fiancée Brittany Matthews have had Steel since 2017. He was Patrick's Valentine's Day gift for Brittany that year, while he was finishing up his college football career at Texas Tech University and she was living in their hometown of Tyler, Texas. "He's an awesome dog — very loving, very energetic," said Mahomes. "So just having him, he's like my best friend. It's a great dog to have." Funnily enough, however, Mahomes had to get over his fear of dogs as an adult. He said that he was scared of them "up until I was in high school, then I went straight to a pit bull."

The world welcomes Silver to the Mahomes/Matthews family in 2019

On January 16, 2019, Patrick Mahomes was celebrating a fantastic playoffs run and an MVP award, but he also had other good news for Steel and the rest of the world. That day, Steel's Instagram featured a post announcing that he would soon be sharing the account with a new friend. "Just my dad telling me HE WON MVP & that IM GONNA BE A BIG BROTHER," the post read. The first picture was one of Patrick whispering into Steel's ear, and the second was the adorable debut photo of his new little pal, Silver. Since then, with double the adorable, their Instagram has blown up, and fans have enjoyed pics of them donning Kansas City jerseys, Santa outfits, and even dressing up like Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.

Right smack dab in the middle of playoffs season may seem like an inopportune time to take on a new responsibility like this, but they made the decision together. (Right.) "It was a joint decision," said Mahomes, then added, "She definitely wanted it. I was trying to wait until the offseason, but she wanted to get it up here quickly." They named the new puppy Silver, possibly to hide the real reason they named their other dog Steel. With the little pup named Silver, they can say that Steel is named for the color of his fur, but he was actually named after the Pittsburg Steelers.

Steel and Silver helped Patrick and Brittany reveal the gender of their baby

In October 2020, Patrick and Brittany stood before a wall of pink and blue balloons with the words "Boy or Girl" in big bright letters behind them. Then they had Steel and Silver help them break the news to the world. The dogs walked down a white carpet with their paws covered in pink paint. The pink prints they left on the runner told the world that it's a girl.

Brittany posted the joyous occasion to her Instagram account, featuring a photo of her, Patrick, Steel, and Silver surrounded by the pink paw prints, with the text: "Can't wait to be a family of 5 ... #babygirl." Patrick posted a video of the event to his Instagram with the text: "My [heart emoji]." The two look absolutely overjoyed to welcome the new addition to their family, playing with the canine kiddos and shooting off pink confetti canons.

We're wondering just how excited Steel and Silver are about the news. They may be a little jealous because they didn't post anything about the gender reveal on their Instagram. Hopefully, though, they don't get too jealous. Mom has been posting lots of pics of her showing off her bump. However, we're sure they'll still get lots of attention from Mom and Dad. They'll have to. Steel and Silver have thousands of adoring fans who are still going to want to get their fix of canine cuteness.