Details You Didn't Know About Tom Brady

Now that he's going for his seventh Super Bowl win, Tom Brady is a household name the world over. We all know that he led an NFL dynasty at the New England Patriots that put six championship rings on his fingers. We know he's married to one of the world's most famous supermodels, Giselle Bündchen. And we know that he's basically a touchdown-throwing machine that just won't quit playing football. Still, there's much more to the man than meets the eye. Let's take a deeper look at Tom Brady and the details you had no idea about.

According to People magazine, despite being a living football legend and being married to an internationally famous model, he's pretty much a grandpa when it comes to his bedtime. The guy hits the sack at the eye-poppingly early hour of 8:30 p.m. This early bird gets up with the rest of the grandpas before dawn, as well, snagging the proverbial worm at 5:30 in the morning. It's easy to poke fun at someone with such a strict, geriatric sleep cycle, but remember: when he gets up he wins Super Bowls. What do you do after you roll out of bed at noon and crawl to the kitchen for coffee? (Something Brady doesn't need to get going in the morning, FYI.) But he doesn't view this as a sacrifice. "I love what I do," he said, "and I want to do it for a long time."

Tom Brady had a rough NFL Draft day

You might assume that since Tom Brady is such a winning QB that teams were crawling all over each other trying to scoop him up when he was up for the NFL Draft in 2000. But you'd be wrong. Brady was chosen nowhere near the first round. The Patriots took him in the sixth. He was the 199th pick of the draft that year. Six other quarterbacks were chosen before him, and you've probably never heard of any of them, so we're not even going to bother telling you.

To hear him and his family tell of the experience, it was pretty rough day for all of them. "We were led to believe that he was going to be drafted, possibly second round, probably third round," his father told ESPN in 2011. "They kept calling quarterback names, and we kept being stunned. We were very distraught. With each name it was becoming worse and worse." Brady himself cried when he recalled the experience, saying that it was "a tough day" for him and his parents. But, of course, he was super stoked when they finally got the call. "I was like, 'I don't have to be an insurance salesman,' you know?"

So what were Tom Brady's other job prospects if becoming the winningest quarterback in Super Bowl history hadn't worked out? According to his old resume that he posted on Facebook in 2014, he may have worked in finance.

Tom Brady's pretty good at some other sports — and pretty bad at others

Had he not been drafted into the NFL, Tom Brady may have been kicking himself for not taking a different draft offering, back before going to the University of Michigan to play football. According to MLB's Cut 4, he was actually drafted by the Montreal Expos in 1995. He played catcher in high school, and was apparently pretty good. In June 2016, he posted to Facebook a Photoshopped baseball card with what he may have looked like had he taken the Expos up on their offer. The post commemorated the achievement, but he's still pretty sure he made the right decision. "But.....I'm so happy I stuck with football!" he wrote.

He may have what it takes for two professional sports leagues, but Brady definitely isn't winning any Olympic gold medals in skiing anytime soon. Still, he enjoys it, and his friend Drew Bledsoe says Brady's a shoe-in for a Most Improved award. "I think he's gotten a little bit better," Bledsoe told in 2017. The slopes may be the one place the rest of his family can get bragging rights over the guy. "I think he and Gisele both started skiing at the same time and all the reports I get is that she's a better skier than he is already," said Bledsoe. "He's absolutely going to get lapped by his kids." Still, what we really want to know, is can Tom Brady dance? Gisele?