Who Are The Athletes In The Oikos Ugly Face Super Bowl Commercial?

As the NFL's Super Bowl LV approaches, one of the most highly anticipated segments of the game is also set to debut to millions of Americans — the star-studded commercials. Every year dozens of major companies dole out millions of dollars just to purchase a few seconds of coveted advertising space during the country's most watched sporting events. Last year, companies reportedly spent over $450 million dollars on Super Bowl ads, as stated by Kanter, which is a new record.

This year is also a bit different, though. Several brands that are known longtime ad buyers are skipping it this year. Most notably, brands like Coca-Cola and Ford Motors are using the money elsewhere, according to The New York Post. A lot of them are noting the COVID-19 pandemic and last summer's racial injustice protests for the ditch, stated The Post.

But whether it's a pregame ad, or an in-game one, many companies are still carrying on. 

Making Faces

One of the companies with an early release ad is Oikos yogurt. The company has an interesting and fitness-motivating commercial this year.

The latest 30-second ad showcases a few notable NFL players doing their signature "ugly" pro faces — or the strained facial expressions they make while doing a very physically demanding fitness task. To reward the results of that, the company is introducing its protein packed Oikos Pro snack, as the answer for maintaining gains.

The athletes featured in the commercial are Giants running back Saquon Barkley, who is also a spokesperson for the brand. Also included are Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, former Kent State running back Darius Polk, and Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown.

Oikos is also encouraging its consumers to take part in their online challenge and share their individual "#ProFace." Oikos says proceeds from sales will benefit the fitness industry and trainers, per PR Newswire