What Did Dwayne Johnson Actually Look Like At Age 15?

Most of the entertainment world knows him by his popular wrestling stage name The Rock. And perhaps Dwayne Johnson was definitely on to something when he gave himself the moniker. When he was a teenager Johnson was apparently very big. According to Cheatsheet, he credits his dad, Rocky Johnson, as the source and inspiration of his nickname. But at 15 years old Dwayne stood at a rock solid 6 feet and 4 inches tall, and weighed about 200 pounds.

Over the years, the former professional wrestler-turned-actor has shared a lot of childhood pictures of himself on his social media. So it is only right that when the time came to depict his life on the big screen, there would be ample photo documentation of what he looked like.

Last year, NBC announced their new sitcom Young Rock, a coming-of-age comedy chronicling Johnson's life as a teenager, in which he also stars. When the cast was announced last fall, it was learned that newcomer Bradley Constant would portray a 15-year-old Johnson. Two other actors were cast to play him at 10 years old and 18-20 years old, respectively, says Variety.

The Rock at 15

According to his Instagram, Johnson describes his teen self at 15 as a punk kid with weird facial hair, experiencing puberty while people question his age and presence in school due to his large size. 

Actor Bradley Constant bears more than a resemblance to The Rock at that stage in his life. In comparison to the throwback photo, 15-year-old Johnson and Constant share the same complexion, and are sporting similarly styled haircuts. And thanks to makeup artists, he has the same mustache as Johnson. Set photos from the series show that Constant is indeed the Young Rock, even down to (via Instagram) Johnson's '80s fashion choices.

But of course, there's no question that Johnson would ensure his teen self was accurately portrayed in character and looks, especially since he is also executive producer of the show.

The only slight differences are Constant, who is 6 feet and one inch, is three inches shorter than Johnson's actual height at 15. And he is not quite as bulky as teen Johnson.