The Real Reason Danielle Colby Might Be Leaving American Pickers

"American Pickers" has been on air for more than 10 years on the History Channel, with pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travelling to different parts of the country to scour sheds, homes, and junkyards for fabulous finds that they restore to collect or sell. Along with the two, the show also features Danielle Colby, who manages Antique Archaeology stores in Iowa and Nashville and looks for places for Mike and Frank to visit (per History).

Mike Wolfe chose Danielle Colby to join the show for her one-of-a-kind style and love for all things vintage. The two had been friends for a decade before the show began, and their first meeting was at a yard sale. The first encounter between the two wasn't pleasant, though, according to The Joplin Globe. Both Mike and Danielle were looking at the same item at a yard sale and while Danielle was deciding whether to buy the item, Mike grabbed it. "I told him that I was still looking, but he said, 'Looking isn't buying,'" Danielle recalled. Despite the somewhat bad first experience with each other, the two formed a friendship that lasts to this day.

Danielle Colby joins 'American Pickers'

When Mike Wolfe came up with the concept for "American Pickers," he wanted Danielle to join the cast for her fun personality and unique look. According to Mike, (per Distractify), "I saw what she was capable of, and she's got the edge, she's got the look." Another factor was that Danielle didn't look like a typical antique shop worker, which was what Mike wanted. "I wanted people to know that they didn't have to have a blue blazer and have 10 cats to be an antique dealer," Mike said.

Danielle Colby is far from looking like the stereotypical antique shop employee. Her arms are covered in tattoos, and her sense of fashion is always on-point. Aside from her manager role for Antique Archaeology, Danielle also dedicates time to her other hobbies, including being a burlesque dancer and performing under the name Dannie Diesel, as reported by The Cinemaholic. Like Mike Wolfe and Frank Fitz, Danielle also collects vintage items, particularly vintage burlesque and striptease costumes.

Danielle Colby has been with "American Pickers" from the beginning, but recently, there have been rumors about her leaving the show soon.

Danielle's possible departure from 'American Pickers'

In an interview with Miami New Times in 2012, Danielle Colby said that her job as the manager of Antique Archaeology won't likely be the last job she'll ever have. She admitted, though, that it's "the coolest" one she's had. At that time, she said she was grateful to Mike for giving her the opportunity to work in "American Pickers," but she would love to have her own spin-off show if given the chance.

With the reports of Danielle leaving the show, could a spin-off be in the works? That all depends on her contract with the show. To date, Danielle has not explicitly announced her departure from "American Pickers" but there are some clues that point to that happening in the near future, according to Distractify. For instance, Danielle has recently changed her Instagram handle from "danielleamericanpicker" to "daniellecolbyqor." Her Facebook page was also changed from "Danielle Colby, American Pickers" to simply "Danielle Colby." Could these changes have something to do with her departure?

What's next for Danielle?

If Danielle Colby leaves "American Pickers," where will her fans see her next? A spin-off show is possible, as she also owns her own antique shop, which is located next-door to Antique Archaeology. However, her store caters to those who are looking for vintage and retro footwear and clothing, as she mentioned in Miami New Times.

Danielle also spends a lot of her free time in Puerto Rico, doing humanitarian work and promoting awareness for human trafficking, in addition to giving aid to animal shelters and orphanages (via Danielle Colby). Perhaps she's going to focus more of her efforts there if she leaves the show. Another possibility is just shying away from the spotlight after a decade of being in the public eye. Danielle has two children and maybe she wants to focus more on her family.

Currently, "American Pickers" is airing Season 22, and so far, Danielle is still in the episodes. She is still listed as one of the cast members on the show's IMDB page as well. Only time will tell what the future holds for Danielle Colby, but her presence on "American Pickers" is sure to be missed if she leaves the show for good.