Here's How Much Ronan Farrow Is Worth

It seems almost a little odd talking about the net worth of an investigative journalist since very few of them are really considered celebrities or have shocking amounts of money stashed away, but Ronan Farrow isn't just any old investigative journalist. He's got quite a bit more going for him. Both of his parents are famous — his mother is actress Mia Farrow and his father is Woody Allen — and his own career has taken on heights most investigative journalists could only dream of. At the same time, he's become a bit of a social personality with the better part of 300,000 Instagram followers and a fiancé, Jon Lovett, who has just as much going for himself — well, minus the famous parents thing.

Farrow has also been working with HBO to produce documentaries, and that has to put a little a punch in his wallet. Not to mention the books he's had published since 2018. But even with all of these potential streams of income, how much could Farrow actually be worth? Let's take a look.

Ronan Farrow's net worth

If you hop over to Payscale, you'll see the average salary for an investigative journalist is slightly over $60,000 per year. That's really not a huge ton of money, but then again, not every investigative journalist broke the Harvey
Weinstein allegations
or the misconduct allegations against the executives over at CBS. That was all Ronan Farrow, so it's likely he makes a bit more than average just from his basic reporting. 

Now, Farrow also has three books on the market, and the average published book doesn't bring in much money, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Farrow's "Catch and Kill" sold over 44,000 copies ... during its first week. That's — what's the word? — wild. Add in however much the journalist makes off the documentary work he's been doing for HBO, specifically "Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes" dropping on July 12, and his net worth becomes far less shocking.

So, what is this guy worth anyway? Well, Celebrity Net Worth estimates Farrow's economic value around $12 million with a yearly salary of around $3 million. Those are only estimates, but unless they're clear in the wrong ballpark, Farrow is comparatively loaded.