What You Don't Know About Hitler's Dog Blondi

Adolf Hitler, who was responsible for the extermination of millions of Jews during the Holocaust, remains one of the most hated figures in history. However, even the notorious dictator had a soft spot for dogs, particularly German shepherds. He especially loved Blondi, who was a gift from Nazi chief, Martin Bormann, in 1941. Hitler loved Blondi so much, in fact, that he allowed the dog to sleep on his bed with him, as reported by Express. Blondi spent much of her time with Hitler and even learned a few tricks from her master. Guests who visited Hitler would often find him showing off the beloved pooch. However, he was also a strict disciplinarian and would hit Blondi if she didn't follow his commands.

Erna Flegel, Hitler's nurse, was one of the people who witnessed the F├╝hrer's love for Blondi. In an interview with The Guardian, Flegel said that Hitler showed more affection to his dog than to his longtime partner, Eva Braun, who she described as a "young girl" who "had no meaning." Braun may have even been so jealous of Hitler's affections toward Blondi that she sometimes kicked her. In a book titled "The Lost Life of Eva Braun," author Angela Lambert wrote, "People were fond of saying he loved her better than Eva and he was more publicly demonstrative to his dog, hugging and kissing her."

Blondi's demise

In April 1945, Allied troops started liberating concentration camps and were slowly making their way to Adolf Hitler's bunker in Berlin. The dictator knew that his capture was nearing and there was no escape. Rather than be captured by the enemy, Hitler decided that taking his life was the only option he had. He was also concerned for Blondi's well-being if she was taken by the Russians. Hitler acquired cyanide capsules as a means of suicide, and wanting to confirm whether the pills will do the job, Blondi became the test subject (via Medium).

On April 29, Hitler gave Blondi a cyanide capsule. The capsule worked, and Hitler was inconsolable when the dog died. Erna Flegel was in the Bunker with Hitler before his suicide on April 30. According to her account, as reported by The Guardian, Hitler "shook everyone's hand, and said a few friendly words. And that was it." Hitler and Braun gave their other dogs cyanide pills and took some themselves. Afterward, Hitler shot himself in the head, per History. When the Russian troops reached the bunker, Blondi's dead body was found next to Hitler's (via Dogs in History).