Famous Serial Killers Who Are Scorpios

With the increase in interest in true crime over the past years, crime buffs are curious to know what makes serial killers tick. One common question asked is whether a serial killer is made or born. Although the question cannot be answered conclusively, researchers have compiled a list of traits that are most common in serial killers, per Psychology Today. There is also the question of whether being a serial killer has something to do with a person's zodiac sign.

Astrology Zodiac Signs conducted research on how many serial killers belong to each zodiac sign. Take note that the study didn't study the correlation between being a serial killer and a specific sign; rather, the researchers merely tallied the numbers. The study consisted of 485 serial killers, and the results showed four zodiac signs sharing equal numbers on the top spot — Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Scorpio — with 46. On the other hand, the zodiac signs that had the least number of serial killers were Gemini and Taurus with 27.

Each zodiac sign has specific traits. Scorpios — born between October 23 and November 21 — are known as passionate and independent people. According to Horoscope, Scorpios use their feelings to drive them, but it may also be their downfall when they lose control.

The Black Widow, The Giggling Granny, and The Golden State Killer are Scorpios

One of the most famous serial killers who is a Scorpio is Nannie Doss, who was born on November 4, 1905. She was responsible for killing 11 people — most of whom were family members. Upon her apprehension, she confessed to murdering four husbands, a mother-in-law, two of her own children, her mother, sister, and two of her grandsons (via ATI). She was given the moniker Giggling Granny, as she laughed while she told the story of her crimes.

Belle Gunness, also called the Black Widow, was born on November 11, 1859, and she used her charm to lure men into her property. The majority of the men who came to Gunness disappeared without a trace, and by the time suspicions were raised, Gunness had already killed dozens. According to Biography, authorities believe that she killed more than 40 people. However, she wasn't apprehended, as she disappeared without a trace after her home burned to the ground.

Decades passed before another Scorpio serial killer — Joseph DeAngelo — was apprehended. He is known as the Golden State Killer, and his crimes date back to the '70s when he was a police officer. DeAngelo was caught in 2018, and he was charged with eight murders, but authorities suspect he had more victims. He was also tied to at least 50 rapes in California, as reported by NPR.