Famous Serial Killers Who Were Virgos

Methodical, detail-oriented, fixated on cleanliness, great work ethic — just a few of the traits Virgos are known for. The kind of attributes that make Virgos such standouts in fields that demand their just their kind of exacting attention, like accounting, editing, or research. But Virgos are not machines. No, Virgos are also surprisingly gifted at working with people. Career site Monster even suggests that they make excellent life coaches and social workers. And with their communication skills, Virgos, it seems, always know just the right thing to say.

By now you've probably guessed that the "Maiden" or "Virgin" of the Zodiac is incredibly influential. And it's not so much that they have twin natures as the fact that their mighty powers can be used for good — hello, Ava DuVernay, Keanu Reeves, Prince Harry, Zendaya, and Virgo queen Beyoncé — or ... not so good.

Because, while there are plenty of down-to-earth, industrious, and caring Virgos among the sign's ranks, there are also plenty of serial killers.

Richard Angelo

More than almost any other sign, Virgos desire to be of service. Pair this with the sign's notorious fixation on health and wellness and it makes sense they'd be drawn to the medical field. HuffPost lauds Virgos' tendency to be reliable, analytical, and observant as reasons they make standout health care workers (well, before going on to acknowledge that Virgos can also be seen as skeptical, fussy, and cold). Perhaps that desire to be of service is what made Richard Angelo get into nursing.

According to Murderpedia (you can see where this is going), Richard Angelo worked on Long Island's Good Samaritan Hospital in the mid-'80s. But doing the lifesaving and necessary work of nursing just wasn't enough to sate the former honor student and Eagle Scout's lifelong craving for praise. As he explained to authorities once he was arrested, "I wanted to create a situation where I would cause the patient to have some respiratory distress or some problem, and through my intervention or suggested intervention or whatever, come out looking like I knew what I was doing."

In fact, during his brief tenure at the hospital, there were 37 "Code Blue" emergencies during shifts he worked. His victim count remains in dispute, with some sources citing as few as six murders (per Criminal Minds) and others suggesting the number may be as high as 25 (Murderpedia). Ultimately, Angelo wasn't methodical enough — as one of his victims was revived by another nurse who thought to test what the patient had been injected with. Richard Angelo was convicted of multiple felonies, including second-degree murder and manslaughter, and was sentenced to 61 years to life.

Albert DeSalvo

Despite the name Albert DeSalvo being forever linked to the grisly Boston Strangler murders of the early 1960s, there are as many who curse his name as those who devoutly believe DeSalvo was innocent. But crucially, DeSalvo never claimed that. In fact, following an arrest for another charge, DeSalvo confessed to the authorities that he was the man who'd been breaking into the homes of (primarily) elderly women before sexually assaulting and murdering them (per Biography). Though it's not known why DeSalvo would make this claim (aside from craving attention for a job well done, a trait he shared with fellow Virgo, Richard Angelo), his family and (at least, initially) his attorney, F. Lee Bailey doubted whether DeSalvo was really the Strangler.

Following his arrest, DeSalvo was sent to Bridgewater State Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. It was there that DeSalvo made the acquaintance of a fellow resident named George Nasser — a man many believe was the real Boston Strangler, per CBS Boston. The theory is that Nasser (a convicted killer, unlike DeSalvo, who'd only previously been popped for robbery and auto theft, and was a solid suspect in a series of sexual assaults and peeping Tom incidents) fed details only a killer would know to DeSalvo in order to convince the authorities of his guilt. Per Biography, many believe the motive was splitting the reward for identifying the killer, and DeSalvo, who'd already come to terms with the idea that he would likely remain in prison the rest of his life, could also potentially sell his story to Bailey or the newspapers and set his family up financially. It's the kind of methodical plan only a Virgo could hatch. Ultimately, the plan failed when DeSalvo was murdered while incarcerated and the case remains shrouded in mystery.

Rodney Alcala

Among the worst places anyone could imagine a serial killer lurking among potential victims, a kids' summer camp ranks right up near the top. After all, it's the stuff of horror blockbusters. But that's exactly where Rodney Alcala was found by observant teen campers who just happened to recognize the face of their arts counselor as one of the FBI's Most Wanted. Remember what we said about Virgos and helping professions? With his social skills and capacity for teaching, Alcala was actually on his third summer season working at the camp when he was caught, according to Radford University.

But while it might seem easy to fool naive teens, you might be even more shocked to know that Alcala is known as the "Dating Game Killer" for his appearance on a 1978 episode of the program, which — as a goal-oriented and charming Virgo — he naturally won. Fortunately, for Cheryl Bradshaw, the unlucky contestant who chose "Bachelor #1," she picked up on his weird vibes almost immediately and declined her "prize" reports All That's Interesting.

Though Bradshaw would never become one of Alcala's victims, he was later convicted of killing seven people though authorities worry he may be responsible for as many as 100, per Oxygen. Sadly he likely took many of his secrets to the grave when he died in September of 2021.

While this is hardly a scientific assurance, it's likely the majority of Virgos you encounter will be as average as any other person (obviously, Beyoncé is an exception). Should you find yourself accepting their help, being charmed by their way with words, or on a date with a Virgo who just seems a little too good to be true? Be like Cheryl and follow your instinct.