This Is How Much The British Crown Jewels Are Really Worth

One of the most recognizable jewelry collections in the world are the British crown jewels. The history of these jewels dates back centuries, beginning in 1066 with William the Conqueror, according to World History. He apparently liked pretty things and kind of started the British tradition of having more opulent coronation ceremonies. British kings had been crowning themselves long before William the Conqueror decided to spice things up, and when they did, there was not a whole lot of pomp and circumstance involved. It even appears that they often used ornate helmets instead of crowns. Christmas Day of 1066 that all changed with William's coronation, and the majority of kings and queens that have been crowned since have followed that tradition.

Many operate under the misconception that the British crown jewels are simply crowns and other sparkly jewelry. In actuality, the country's royal regalia includes multiple crowns, scepters, orbs, rings, bracelets, chalices, swords, and even a font and basin. The collection as we see it today has undergone a few reincarnations, following a few mishaps by British royals centuries ago. King John of England actually lost some of the original jewels while on the run from rebels in 1216. Though there were efforts to replace these items, they were almost all eventually sold off or melted down following the execution of Charles I in 1649. When the monarchy was restored in 1660, new regalia was produced and the stones that managed to survive the abolishment of the monarchy were incorporated into the artifacts we see today.

Monetary value is estimated in the billions

With such a long and storied history, the collection in its current state is quite extensive. While it has had many homes over the centuries, including Westminster Abbey, it currently rests under watchful eyes in the Tower of London. They are open to the public for viewing and include some truly outstanding pieces. According to Reader's Digest, some of the most widely-viewed and recognized objects include St. Edward's Crown, The Cullinan Diamonds, and the Sovereign's Orb. These ornate and spectacular pieces are made of some of the most precious stones and ores on Earth. With so much wealth in one place, it makes one wonder how much the British crown jewels are actually worth.

While the historical and sentimental value of the jewels is priceless, many have speculated as to what the actual value of the entire collection is. Because many of the pieces have not been appraised, determining the exact value of all items has not been achieved yet. However, according to Express, estimates place the monetary value of the British crown jewels between 3 billion and 5 billion pounds ($4 billion to $6 billion).