Jessa Bigelow Says This Was The Hardest Part Of Competing On Ink Master

Tattooing is a daunting enough endeavor knowing that whatever you put on someone's body is permanent, but when the whole world is watching, the pressure is bound to amplify tenfold. Spike's "Ink Master" ran successfully for 13 seasons, pitting artists against one another in a competitive series of cutthroat tasks that narrow down a worthy champion, who will go home with $100,000 dollars and be featured on the cover of Inked Magazine (via Tuko).

In the latest season, New Jersey-based artist Jessa Bigelow crossed needles with 19 others in pursuit of the grand prize. Prior to appearing on the show, Bigelow pierced and tattooed full time with her fiancé at Gallery of Ink, the shop they own together. Several of her Instagram followers were curious to know the ins and outs of her "Ink Master" experience, and when one asked about the hardest part being on the show, she explained that it had less to do with what was happening on set and more to do with what was going on back home (per Showbiz CheatSheet).

Never far from home

Jessa Bigelow shared that "dealing with issues or stuff going on at home that I couldn't be there to handle" was the most strenuous part. She "was mentally strained on top of a 12-hour day," which is what made it so difficult to "stay creative/perform at [her] peak," not to mention getting "critiqued on everything." It was also the looming notion of prospective clients back home watching the show and judging her work/personality without actually knowing her (per Showbiz CheatSheet).

It wasn't always so brooding, however. As in all walks of life, there's personal growth and something to show for the sweat you break.

"Through this process, I learned that I absolutely value not having a time constraint on drawing or tattooing in my own shop! Seriously though, I learned that I can push through my most uncomfortable moments and come out stronger. I learned that even when I wanted to quit, and it felt impossible and exhausting, sticking to it and getting the job done was best in the long run" (via Matt & Jess).