This Is How Mafioso Giuseppe 'Pino' Greco Really Died

Infamous tales of the Mafia have inspired scores of movies, books, and various other cultural portrayals that have excited and enticed the masses for decades. From "The Godfather" to "Goodfellas" to "The Sopranos" and on, fans of the subject certainly aren't at risk of running out of consumer content anytime soon.

However, despite the abundance of dramatized anecdotes and bloody narratives we have come to love so much, some ugly truths of the matter have whizzed past our detection like hateful bullets from a smoking Tommy gun. Some people know the name Giuseppe "Pino" Greco. For those who don't, he was one of the Sicilian mob's most vicious and egregious killers, reputably slaying around 300 individuals throughout his career as a hitman (via Italy on This Day).

Ultimately, Greco's demise was orchestrated by none other than the man for whom he was a loyal servant, Salvatore "Toto" Riina. Riina, who was head of the Corleonisi family, ordered a hit on Greco after he'd surmised that the henchman was becoming too ambitious within the ranks and posed a threat to his power (per ATI).

No deed goes unpunished

Giuseppe Greco's laundry list of victims were disposed of in various ways. Among the most ruthless of his exploits arises the story of Salvatore Inzerillo. In 1980, Inzerillo's decision to cross the Corleonisi family manifested itself in the form of his own unfortunate death sentence. While meeting with one of his mistresses, Inzerillo was visited by Greco and his AK-47. He was gunned down in her driveway and left for dead (via ATI).

Shortly thereafter, Salvatore's 15-year-old son vowed to exact vengeance upon his father's killer. Greco didn't take kindly to the slight and murdered the boy in cold blood. At the hands of Greco, the young Inzerillo had his shooting arm cut off, was shot in the head, and then thrown into a vat of acid (per ATI).

While he proved himself useful during his time working for Riina, it would appear that no deed — good or bad — goes unpunished. In 1985, Greco was gunned down in his villa outside Bagheria by two fellow members of the Corleonisi sect. His body was never found (via Italy on This Day).