The Truth About James Taylor's Wife Caroline Smedvig

Singer-songwriter James Taylor was perhaps most famously married to his first wife, the musician Carly Simon, early on in his career. This was around the same time he met acclaimed songwriter Carole King, with whom he maintained a close personal relationship. Exploring Taylor's relationship with King is the 2022 CNN documentary, "Just Call Out My Name," which premiered on the network in early 2022, and is set to stream on HBO Max later in the year.

Simon and Taylor's relationship was fraught with substance abuse and mental health issues. Nevertheless, Simon and Taylor had two children, Ben and Sally, who are also musicians, according to Parade. Now married for the third time (he divorced his second wife, actress Kathryn Walker, in 1996) Taylor is seemingly at peace with these more troubling parts of his personal life, supported by a healthy relationship. Much has been written about the songs and career of James Taylor, but his current wife, Caroline Smedvig, has a story of her own to tell.

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She works in classical music

According to Celeb Suburb, James Taylor met Caroline Smedvig in 1993, and began dating her two years later when Taylor became estranged from his second wife, Kathryn Walker. Smedvig had also been married once before, to classical musician Rolf Thorstein Smedvig in 1980, but the couple divorced a short time later. That marriage is not Caroline Smedvig's only connection to the world of classical music. At one time, she worked in public relations for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, an organization for which she is now a trustee. Smedvig and Taylor first met, in fact, when he played a show with the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall, where Smedvig worked.

Despite marrying Taylor later on in life (she was 48 and he was 53 when they married in 2001, per Celeb Suburb), Caroline Swedvig is the mother of twins, Rufus and Henry Taylor, conceived in vitro and carried by a surrogate. Parenting at an older age seems to suit the couple, as James Taylor explained to Parade. He's also happy in his marriage. "I'm deeply grateful for where I ended up — for my marriage, my family, my job. It's great," he said.