Tragic Details Found In Cameron Boyce's Autopsy Report

The sudden death of Disney star Cameron Boyce both shocked and saddened fans around the world. At only 20 years old, Boyce had already worked in Hollywood for more than a decade, getting his start when he was just 7 as a model for the Disney Store Catalogue (via The Famous People). Boyce would continue his work with Disney in a number of films and television shows. His most well-known roles were under the Disney umbrella, in shows such as "Jessie," "Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything," and films like the "Descendants" and its sequels.

Outside of Disney, the young actor appeared alongside Adam Sandler in the "Grown Up" movies and in the music video for "That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)" from the band Panic! At the Disco. A talented dancer, Boyce's displayed his dancing talents many times on programs within and outside the Disney sphere.

Boyce's future in Hollywood looked as bright as some of his Disney contemporaries like Zendaya and China Anne McClain. In 2018, Boyce broke his wholesome image by starring in the film, "Runt," illustrating a shift in his career and his progression as an actor (per Decider). Boyce's performance was praised in the film and displayed evidence of his maturation into adulthood. Unfortunately, it also was the final film of his life.

Cameron Boyce went to sleep and never woke up

On Saturday, July 6, 2019, Cameron Boyce's housemates checked in on the young actor before they left for the day (via Entertainment News). When they went into his room, they found Boyce unresponsive in his bed and immediately started CPR and called 9-1-1. When the paramedics arrived, he was declared dead at his home (per The New York Times). The last time he was seen alive was a little past midnight the night before.

Almost immediately, tributes and condolences from around the entertainment industry and from fans poured out on social media. Actor Adam Sandler who played the father of Boyce's character in "Grown Ups" and its sequel said of him on Twitter, "Too Young. Too sweet. Too funny. Just the nicest, most talented, and most decent kid around".  

Charles Esten, who played Boyce's father on the show "Jessie" tweeted, "My family and I are devastated today, by the loss of our young and amazing friend, Cameron Boyce ... we were blessed to know him and his wonderful family at the elementary school our kids all attended together."

Boyce's death came shortly after filming two different television series, "Mrs. Fletcher" and "Paradise City." Boyce's actual parents, Victor and Libby Boyce said in their initial statement that their son had passed away from a seizure he suffered in his sleep and it was a symptom of epilepsy, something he was being treated for. 

Boyce's Autopsy Back up his Parents Claims

Despite his parent's initial statement saying that the actor had died of a seizure in his sleep, it was about three weeks before an autopsy report provided the full details of Cameron Boyce's death (via Entertainment News). Following the investigation, the LA County Medical Examiner confirmed Boyce's parents' statement after they found that Boyce had died of a "sudden unexpected death in epilepsy" and ruled his death was of natural causes. The only drug found in Boyce's body was Levetiracetam, a common drug used by people who suffer from seizures. The report also stated that the actor had dealt with "non-traumatic" epilepsy over the past three years and had suffered multiple major seizures during his life.

According to ESPY Health, Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy or SUDEP occurs when an individual is sleeping after suffering from an epileptic seizure or if they have a seizure while sleeping. As from its name, the individual dies "suddenly and prematurely and no reason for death is found." Doctors have yet to find a specific cause, though they theorize that breathing problems, suffocation, or heart issues could be causes.

Cameron Boyce's Parents Raised Awareness about Epilepsy

During his lifetime, Cameron Boyce took a part in multiple charity efforts. According to the Independent, this included the "Make-A-Wish America" and "Thirst Project" which sought to bring clean water to undeveloped nations around the world. Following their son's death, Libby and Victor Boyce have carried on Cameron's name by forming "The Cameron Boyce Foundation," to fund research into Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy and other causes (via ESPY Health). Victor Boyce said he hopes the disease becomes destigmatized so there could be a "light on it."

At the premiere of Boyce's final film, "Runt," his parents spoke about their son and their hope to raise awareness of the disease that took their son's life. Libby Boyce, the mother of Cameron, said she knew little about the dangers of epilepsy and that what she learned since Boyce's death was, "How little awareness there is and how little it is discussed. It is the number one neurological disease and we don't talk about it."