The Truth About Pamela Anderson's Past With Vladimir Putin

What do Pamela Anderson and Vladimir Putin have in common? More than you might think. She detailed her relationship with Vladimir Putin, who has been the President of Russia since 1999, in a 2018 interview with Page Six.

Canadian actress Pamela Anderson has starred in "Bay Watch," "V.I.P.," "Package Deal," and many more movies and T.V. shows (via IMDb). She has used her celebrity platform to advocate for causes she's passionate about. And throughout the 2010s, Anderson worked with the animal rights group PETA to fight the inhumane treatment of baby seals internationally.

Anderson explained her first contact with Putin, saying, "I wrote to him and asked him to stop the importation of seal products, because this was 95 percent of the market and that could potentially shut down the Canadian seal hunt, which is one of my big goals, and he did. He made it actually illegal to import seal products into the country" (via Page Six).

Collaborating with Putin

Her words were apparently persuasive to Vladimir Putin and members of the Kremlin — it took them just one year to get the legislation passed to stop importing seal fur, according to PETA. In 2012, Anderson met publicly with a Russian Deputy Trade Representative and a Senior Consul Member, and gave them a bouquet of pink roses after their celebratory meeting. As a result of her work with Putin, Russia has entirely banned Canadian harp-seal products.

As Hollywood Reporter describes, Anderson contacted Putin again in 2015. This time, she asked that the President block ships that were carrying fin whale meat, which comes from an endangered species. Putin once again agreed with Anderson — ships now cannot travel through Russian waters if they are carrying the product. 

But when it comes to her personal relationship with President Vladimir Putin, Anderson has kept mum on the details. "He wanted me to come to his inauguration and give him flowers ... I didn't do that. Obviously, we have been in the same place together sometimes ... I had a great relationship with Russia," she said in an interview on "Piers Morgan's Life Stories" in 2018 (via The Sun).