Hitler's Parents Had A Closer Connection Than You Realized

When it comes to investigating Adolph Hitler, the man responsible for the deaths of over 6 million people, no fact is left untouched. This is especially true when it comes to Hitler's childhood, as many people wonder if it may have contributed to his ideology and rise to power. One interesting aspect of Hitler's upbringing can be seen in his parents. The relationship between Hitler's mother, Klara, and his father, Alois, may provide some insight into the strange childhood Hitler experienced.

As it turns out, Hitler's parents were actually second cousins. Not only that, but they knew each other as such before their eventual marriage. According to Biography, Klara was brought into her future husband's home as a housemaid, where she worked for him until he got married to his second wife. His second wife eventually became sick, and Klara returned to his home to assist with his children, Alois Jr. and Angela Hitler (via ThoughtCo.). Alois' second wife died, and Klara found herself pregnant with his child.

Before they were married, Klara called Alois Uncle

The connection between Alois and Klara Hitler was more than just that of second cousins. The age gap between the two was wide enough that Klara could have been Alois' daughter. Not only that, but Klara would refer to him as "Uncle," even after they became married (via Biography). Their marriage situation was so strange that they had to get permission from the Church in order to get married. Once granted permission, the two married in January of 1885 (via ThoughtCo.).

According to The Genealogy Corner, Klara and Alois went on to have six children together, but Adolf was the first to live past infancy. In fact, Adolf and his sister Paula were the only two of the children to reach adulthood. Because Adolf was the first surviving child of Klara, she became very attached and doted on her son. Paula would later describe her as "a very soft and tender person" when it came to taking care of her children (via The Washington Post).

Hitler's upbringing may have given him an Oedipus Complex

While Hitler's mother may have been kind and gentle toward him, his father was anything but that. According to Adolf's sister, Paula, their father beat Adolf regularly. After each beating, Klara was there to calm him and smother him with her kindness (via The Washington Post). It has been speculated that this dynamic may have led to the development of an Oedipus complex in young Adolf, who resented his father and felt nothing but love for his mother.

Speculation about Hitler's potential Oedipus complex came from Adolf's close relationship with his mother. When his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Adolf took care of her — cleaning the house, cooking, and performing other tasks. According to Biography, he managed to hold back his anger issues when he was with his mother, something he struggled with throughout his life. It is believed that Adolf Hitler's violence against Jews may even have been a result of his mother's death, which occurred under the care of the Jewish Dr. Bloch. Whatever the case, it is no doubt that his parents' strange connection and upbringing may have turned Adolf Hitler into the violent man we know today.