Anthony Hopkins Referred To An Iconic Performer As The Most Obnoxious Actor

In 1980, "A Change of Seasons" hit movie theaters and tragically went down in cinema history as one of the worst films ever made. Critics and moviegoers eviscerated the viewing experience with unabashed, scrutinous vitriol. At the 1980 Razzie Awards, the movie earned three separate nominations for its notoriously bad production and presentation: Worst Actor (Anthony Hopkins), Worst Song, and Worst Screenplay, as IMDb reports.

However, distaste and unrest weren't restricted to its release and everything to follow in its wake. Apparently, the cast members of "A Change of Season" took serious issue with one another throughout the filming process that made for a strenuously unpleasant work experience for everyone involved. Naturally, they left the set with horrendously bad impressions of one another that never really subsided. Anthony Hopkins was unapologetically honest about his feelings toward his co-star, Shirley MacLaine, and told the press all about his supreme dislike for her (via Best Life). 

Anthony Hopkins hated Shirley MacLaine

According to Best Life, Hopkins reportedly once referred to MacLaine as "the most obnoxious actor I've ever worked with." He kept it short and not so sweet, declining to elaborate on why he despised his co-star so much while the two were stuck filming "A Change of Seasons" together. As you'd probably expect, Hopkins and MacLaine have yet to work together again. Perhaps it was because their first and only project alongside one another failed terrifically, but the fact that they hated each other likely had something to do with it as well. 

To that point, such infernal animosity rarely flows in a single direction. After Hopkins' remarks, inquirers followed up with MacLaine on what she thought of her male counterpart while the two were stuck filming "A Change of Seasons" together, and she in turn had little to say about him in the way of flattery (per the New York Post). 

Shirley MacLaine disliked Anthony Hopkins as well

In 2014, Barbara Hoffman of the New York Post asked MacLaine how she felt about the notoriously scathing comments made by Hopkins. "I didn't like him either, but he was on the wagon at that time and it was hard on him," she shared. By "wagon," MacLaine was referring to Hopkins' sober lifestyle and his recovery from alcoholism. When "A Change of Seasons" began production, the "Silence of the Lambs" actor was already five years clean and sober. As to whether or not this truly had something to do with his feelings toward MacLaine, one can only speculate (via Best Life). 

While the feud between Hopkins and MacLaine certainly made sparse appearance in headlines over they years, there was luckily never any prolonged back-and-forth exchange of bitter remarks between the two. Sometimes, co-workers just don't click, and it's always better to maintain something of a cease-fire agreement as they go their separate ways.

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