Blake Collier

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The University Of Texas
Texas Tech University
History, Philosophy, Film Criticism, Politics
  • Blake has written for various sites for nearly 10 years including Mockingbird, Rise Up Daily, Film Inquiry, Reel World Theology, Grindhouse Theology, Christ and Pop Culture, and The Curator.
  • Blake's essays have been published in various publications including The Mockingbird Journal, Mockingbird at the Movies, and Christ and Pop Culture Goes to the Movies. He also has four essays on horror film and culture coming out in the next two to three years in academic collections, including Toxic Cultures: A Companion for Peter Lang Publishing out (hopefully) in 2021.
  • He did two seasons of a podcast, 88 Names Podcast, with author Matt Ruff (Lovecraft Country) on virtual reality, ethics, technology, etc.


Blake is a freelance writer, critic, and independent researcher in various fields including horror culture, film, dementia, and other culture-related subjects. Most of his writing has appeared on Mockingbird and Reel World Theology, sites dedicated to religious explorations of culture. He received "Article of the Year" from Film Inquiry for his essay, "A Violent System: How Marxism Is Making A Cinematic Comeback" in 2020. He wrote a lengthy essay for Film Inquiry on the film Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) that got noticed (and read, twice) by John Cusack, himself. He, however, is currently expanding his writing subject base beyond film into politics, history, philosophy, and other subject matter.


He has a wide knowledge base in history and philosophy. He studied the intersections of religious mission work and British colonialism in East Africa for his Master's thesis and taught numerous courses on American and World History as a teaching assistant at Texas Tech University. He also has minors (with both degrees) in philosophy.
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