Daniel Allen

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Texas A&M University, NCSU, Millersville University
History, Science, Video Games
  • Daniel is a freelance writer who loves to write about history, science, and how things are connected.
  • He is a numismatic nerd who has been learning digital video production just so he can make YouTube videos about banknotes and coins.
  • He writes programs for fun in his spare time.


Daniel created the newsletter/blog Amish Otaku (2006–2009), which focused on video games, anime, comics, and manga. On his personal blog, he writes about everything from health and technology to birds and flags. He currently writes for Grunge and Android Police.


Daniel has attended Texas A&M University and North Carolina State University and received his diploma from Millersville University for English literature and writing. He also has half of a master’s degree in elementary education.
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