Isa Tate

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SUNY Buffalo State College
Aviation, TV And Film, Travel
  • Isa is a licensed pilot and a certified Advanced Aviation Ground Instructor and has been flying off and on since 2009. She is constantly gaining new certifications and updating her knowledge of aviation safety, technology, and practices.
  • She has worked behind the scenes in television as a news producer and studied media production (with a focus on documentary film), both at the university and postgraduate level.
  • Isa has always been a nomad, having toured East Asia and living in China and Taiwan on multiple occasions as an English teacher and freelance writer.


Isa has been writing professionally for nearly a decade, covering topics on travel and aviation. She began her career in media as a news producer for a small cable news station in upstate New York in 2016. She transitioned to local radio and was instrumental in producing three medical-themed broadcasts in 2017 before taking a sabbatical to teach English in Taiwan. Outside of her media career, she has been working towards earning her Commercial Pilot Certificate. Isa is a voracious cinephile, RPG gamer, and long-time anime enthusiast — something she was all too happy to capitalize on as a journalist. She is currently writing a dystopian novel.


Isa originally studied professional piloting before switching her major in 2010. She earned her bachelor's in journalism with a focus on documentaries in 2014.
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