Elizabeth Hlavinka

Photo of Elizabeth Hlavinka
Costa Rica
University Of Texas At Austin
Music Production Software, Sound Equipment, Video Game Consoles
  • Elizabeth's love for all things electronic started when she began playing video games with her brothers on Sunday mornings.
  • As an electronic music DJ and producer, she nerds out researching the latest sound equipment and computer software.
  • She likes taking machines apart and putting them back together again to understand how they work.


As an editor for SlashGear, Elizabeth gets to embrace her love for all things electronic, editing stories about cars, gadgets, and technology. She began her writing career covering music and culture at her student newspaper, The Daily Texan. After graduating, she developed a niche in science writing, covering health, climate, space, and tech. Her bylines have appeared in Salon, Atmos, Atlas Obscura, New Scientist, and other outlets. Throughout nearly a decade in the field, she has written about everything from how effective carbon removal strategies like sucking carbon out of the atmosphere with giant vacuums will be to how machines smaller than a mote of dust currently in development might one day be able to enter our brains like "The Magic Schoolbus," to fight disease.


Elizabeth majored in English with a minor in creative writing. The courses she completed in school not only taught her important lessons in grammar and syntax but also how to tell a story.
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