Why Buddy Murphy Might Be The Next WWE Star

He comes from the land down under, does Buddy Murphy. The Australian native, born Matthew Adams, originally wrestled in his home country under the name Matt Silva. He did well enough there to join the WWE in 2013, first in the NXT brand, as reported by Fox Sports Australia. That led to a very big deal indeed: Murphy and his partner, Wesley Blake, took the NXT tag team championship in 2015. A terrific accomplishment, further burnished by the fact that Murphy was the first Ozzie to reach that achievement. "Being the first Australian to ever actually hold a WWE promoted championship — it is a huge honour," he told Fox. "Words can't describe it."

He started his sports journey as a teenager, wrestling in the Melbourne area. He's apparently attracted to higher-risk activity — WWE reports that he's enjoyed rock climbing, bungee jumping, and swimming with whales. He nevertheless found time to work and save enough for a plane ticket to WWE tryouts in Tampa, Florida.

He's now known only as Murphy

ESPN tells us that Murphy made his WWE main roster debut on February 20, 2018. Since then, Murphy has become a fan favorite, taking on bigger-named opponents. Tag team success aside, Bleacher Report suggests he's poised for stardom on his own, merely lacking "the right opportunity to catapult" himself into higher professional ranks.

Maybe a name change will help, because that's exactly what the former Matthew Adams has done — again. He's now wrestling as simply Murphy, says Pro Wrestling Sheet, perhaps because the simplicity of it is more befitting his new stature as a member of the Seth Rollins "Authors of Pain" cohort.

Paul Heyman, executive director of the Raw wrestling franchise, has put a stamp of approval on Murphy as well. Murphy told Digital Spy, "Paul decided I would be a good fit for his brand, the next face of Raw. ... (T)o be working side by side with him is awesome."