Things You Didn't Know About Triple H

Triple H, aka The Game, aka The King of Kings, aka one of the winningest wrestlers to ever hop into the squared circle, is well-known for his dominance in the WWE. The 14-time World Champ has come out on top of just about every major WWE competition, including a crown as King of the Ring, a pair of Royal Rumble victories, and several features in legendary WrestleMania main event matches. He has gone toe-to-toe with the best in the business, spectacularly clashing with superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, John Cena, The Undertaker, and even the big cheese himself, Vince McMahon. "Triple H hasn't just existed on the cutting edge [of professional wrestling]," reads his official WWE bio, "he's been the one sharpening the blade."

The wrestler played by Paul Michael Levesque has had a storied career, and his image has evolved drastically over the years. For example, those three Hs come from his first in-ring iteration as the snobbish Connecticut blueblood Hunter Hearst Helmsley. According to his Fandom bio, Helmsley traded in his tuxedo for a speedo and changed his name to Triple H in the late '90s. The former stuffed-up nobleman crudely started crotch-chopping and shouting "Suck it!" to his opponents, to the delight of millions of loyal fans. But that detail is really just one of many you probably didn't know about Triple H.

Triple H has had a well-rounded acting career

In addition to his wrestling persona, Triple H has played several other roles in various films and TV shows. According to The Sportster, he starred in the WWE Studios movie The Chaperone, in which he played an ex-con ready to make things right with the daughter he'd neglected during his life of crime. His costar was Ariel Winter, the actress who played the bookworm surrounded by a herd of dolts in the wildly popular sitcom Modern Family. Triple H also had a role in the final film of the original Blade trilogy. Although Blade: Trinity didn't see the same kind of box office success as the first two films, Triple H's role as vampire Jarko Grimmwood was credited with giving the film a boost by attracting the attention of his broad WWE following. It also confirmed his ability to succeed as a crossover star.

Triple H has played himself on TV, such as The Drew Carey Show. He came on the show in 1998 for an episode in which he dated the female lead, Kate. The bit included an innuendo in which the two said they had wrestled in bed, a bout that saw Kate come away with the championship belt, figuratively speaking. The Game also voiced an animated version of himself on an episode of the stop-motion show Robot Chicken, and also a werewolf in another episode of that popular Adult Swim staple.

Triple H has a soft side, despite all of his crotch-chopping bravado

Triple H's connections to the WWE run even deeper than the professional. He's married to Vince McMahon's daughter Stephanie, and the two have three young daughters together. Balancing work and family is always tough, but Triple H has appeared to accomplish the feat with the same expertise with which he finished off scores of opponents during his wrestling career.

They are the founders of the Connor's Cure pediatric cancer research charity, named in honor of WWE super fan Connor Michalek. According to For The Win, Connor made a YouTube video in 2012 expressing his desire to meet his favorite wrestler, Daniel Bryan. The WWE made Connor's wish come true, and the little fighter came onto Monday Night Raw to tap out his wrestling idol. Connor came back to the ring in 2014, when he walked down the ramp at WrestleMania 30 with Bryan. That time he smacked Triple H with a deadly right hook and The Game "went down." Connor pinned him to top off an undefeated WWE career.

Connor died later that month of brain cancer, and Triple H and wife Stephanie founded the charity in his honor a couple of months later. By March 2016, the foundation had raised over $1 million for pediatric brain cancer research. Triple H continues to work as the WWE COO and raise money for others like Connor via the Connor's Cure foundation at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.