Joe Perry's Net Worth May Surprise You

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is the classic sideman to lead singer Steven Tyler's flamboyant presence in the spotlight that a rock band needed to make it big back in the 1970s. He is also a prolific songwriter who was involved in the composition of several of the band's chart-topping hits like "Crazy," "Livin' on the Edge," "Same Old Song and Dance," and many more. Despite Perry's drug addiction and his notoriously bitter off-stage relationship with Tyler, he was able to pull it together long enough for Aerosmith to go down as one of the most exceptionally alright rock and roll bands in music history.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, frontman Steven Tyler is worth around $150 million after doing his part in Aerosmith's success. A fortune like that can buy quite a few psychedelically colored scarves. So how does Joe Perry's net worth compare to Tyler's? Did one get paid exceptionally more than the other? Let's take a peek into the guitarist's financial situation and see.

Joe Perry was also paid pretty well for being in Aerosmith

Rock bands from the 1970s really needed the guitarist in order to make it big. Concertgoers back then wanted this dynamic, so Perry was just as integral in Aerosmith's success as Tyler was. So it's not surprising to find that he's worth about as much as Tyler is today. Celebrity Net Worth estimates Perry's coffers to be around $140 million, just shy of Tyler's nest egg.

Other famous singer-strummer duos from back in rock's classical age, like Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, also have similarly padded bank accounts. Celebrity Net worth puts Plant's at around $200 million, while Page's comes in at $180 million. Mic Jagger and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones also fall into this category.

With all that cash, Perry was able to buy a hauntingly beautiful property in Vermont called Sleepy Hollow Farm. Maybe he thought that whole legend of the Headless Horseman business was a bunch of hocus pocus. Maybe he found out it wasn't years later, when he put it on the market, then abruptly took it off, in 2015. Did an evil spirit force him to keep the property. Probably.