This Is How Much Money Joe Biden Is Actually Worth

By and large, the men who have served as President of the United States have been quite wealthy when they reached that office. For example, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were both wealthy landowners when they became president. Expressed in today's dollars each of their net worths would have been in the hundreds of millions, as USA Today reports. Recent presidents, such as John F. Kennedy or the Bushes, were born into wealth but also got quite rich on their own. Of course, there have been exceptions. Harry Truman, for example, was nearly broke when he left office, according to Presidential Profiles, and might have been destitute had it not been for Congress authorizing a presidential pension.

Joseph Robinette Biden, the 46th president, is somewhere in the middle. Born to a working-class family in Pennsylvania, according to the Miller Center, Biden slowly, and over the course of several decades, amassed a nest egg that is nowhere near as lofty as that of some of his predecessors — but it's still respectable.

Joe Biden is worth around $8 million

After graduating law school, according to the Miller Center, Joe Biden was a public defender before getting into politics in the early 1970s. He would spend most of the rest of his working life as a politician. When he was sworn in as president in January 2021, he'd amassed a net worth of about $8 million, according to Forbes. So how did he amass that kind of wealth on a public servant's salary? 

Investing, mostly — specifically in real estate. In the four years between the end of his vice presidency and the beginning of his presidency, Biden earned about $17.3 million through public speaking and book contracts. Despite the rather impressive haul of cash Mr. and Mrs. Biden brought in between 2017-2021, a solid half of it went to taxes, and quite a bit more went to other expenses, such as household staff and interest payments. Further, the Bidens donated $1.3 million to charity during that time.